Kitchen is one of the most important rooms for a house. This place becomes the core of life. Here, a mother cook and prepare the best menu for entire family member. A nice kitchen will make a mother can enjoy cooking and preserving any kinds of meals happily. Then, white kitchen will make this place look larger. Here are some white kitchens ideas which avoid monotonous look for you;

Choosing bamboo as your fence material is can give so many advantage for you. This bamboo fence can add an exotic touch and offer an aesthetic appeal and also add a touch of privacy to your outdoor space. Bamboo fence is become the most popular choice for many years. That’s why many of people started to prefer using bamboo for their fence.

If you need some privacy from the neighbor, private small garden is a good idea for you. You can create your own private garden with your plants as a view-blocking power by growing them in raised beds or berms; a perfect solution if you are struggle with rock, clay or poor soil. Or take one corner of your garden and transform it into your private getaway. You can place a couple of trees to form a pocket, add a casual chair and table, or hang a hammock and redbud behind your hammock.

There are many kinds of garden style; contemporary garden, stone garden, modern garden, and also, Zen garden. Zen garden is look so peaceful and very well organized. This style is using minimal design to avoid looking fussy and cluttered, but it can also contain with lots of decorations and plants. All you need to do is just arrange them well to make your own Zen garden looks light and pleasing your eyes.

Read this article to get some tips to create beautiful small garden. The simplest way to beautify you small garden is by using repetition; repeat the shape, color or even plant variety. Adjust the style and give your small garden some interest by introducing some textured plant varieties; fine, medium, or even bold textured plants. Don’t forget to add focal point to your space; statuary, art, pond, specific plant, etc.

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