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Best Mid Century Modern Nightstands Ideas 15

42 Best Mid Century Modern Nightstands Ideas

Mid-century modern style is based on many factors. This style gave us clean lines, gentle organic curves, love for different materials and designers that are idolized. This style roughly lasted from the mid-1930s to mid 1960s and the timeless quality of the style continues to appeal to today’s homeowners. Mid century style grew in America based on earlier styles.
Incredible Pool Design Ideas for Your Backyard 35

47 Incredible Pool Design Ideas for Your Backyard

The easiest decision to make with a new backyard pool is whether you want an in-ground or above-ground pool. Most homeowners are already familiar with the added luxury and capability of an in-ground pool and it is not surprising to most homeowners that the average cost of it is substantially higher depends on the construction material. They said, a high-quality in-ground is also likely to increase the value of your home in a way a basic above-ground pool never could.
DIY Ideas to Create a Small Urban Balcony Garden 40

42 DIY Ideas to Create a Small Urban Balcony Garden

Many people think that they can’t grow their own food and flowers because they lack any kind of garden space. But actually, you can grow more than you realize even in a small areas as long as they get direct sun even for a bit. And you can even grow things indoor under the lamp. But there is something special about plucking your own food and flowers from a stalk.
Best Modern Front Door for Your Home (48)

52 Best Modern Front Door for Your Home

Door is the first thing guests see when they arrive and also the last thing they contemplate after leaving. It is visited daily by your family and friends and it gives potential buyers something to remember the house by. So we can say that the front door is also the focal point of a home exterior. So why settle with the normal front door?

40 Rooftop Seating Area Surrounded by a Wall of Green and...

Do not limited your outdoor space prevent you from trying out greenery. You can plant tasty fruits and veggies to flowering plants and many more. Container gardening is the trick to growing it all in less space than you may think. For example, citrus tree, it is beautiful and also be bountiful; fill terra cotta pots with citrus tree to give your outdoor space a sunny.
cool DIY ways to get your kitchen organized (18)

30 Cool DIY Ways to Get Your Kitchen Organized

Kitchen without any clutter with plenty storage is everyone’s dream. Having everything in proper place is makes prepping, cooking and even cleaning easier and more fun. Make a breakfast storage bar by adding shelves under one side of the island. Use a wooden crates to store the vegetables, can and recycling so everything for breakfast is easy to reach.
DIY industrial pipe shelves (28)

38 DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

Many of you have seen so many DIY industrial shelves on the internet and this project is cool and creates a rustic look to your space. You could DIY these industrial pipe shelves without spending much time and money. First of all, prepare the pipe and cut to size, washed them and spray it with your favorite color after it dry. As for the wood shelves, any type or size of wood will work, it’s all depends on what you want.
DIY magnet projects that will make your life much fun and easier (15)

31 DIY Magnet Projects that Will Make your Life Much Fun...

DIY project is fun and making some interest projects by yourself will also make your life much easier. A magnet project for example, magnet is a great material and also the perfect solution to almost any household problems. You can put those magnets into your project to keep the things in the place and also this project is cheap but you need a clever hand, crafty ideas and a little bit of spare time. Take a look at these creative ideas of using magnet in DIY projects below.
reindeer ornaments for christmas decoration (39)

39 Reindeer Ornaments for Christmas Decoration

Holiday means a precious moment to spend with family and friends but many of us too busy to decorate our space perfectly. Start by preparing decoration for outdoor and indoor space, garland of evergreen, a colorful wreath, Christmas tree and many other things that can create an abundance of cheer. But it is the best to use what you have got before, so you still can have time with family and friends. Or perhaps ask them to help you decorate the space so there will be some good memory during decorating for holiday.
37 Unique and Creative Hanging Pot Decoration

37 Unique and Creative Hanging Pot Decorations

Check out these hanging pot decoration ideas below to inspire you. A plastic plan pot can easily be slipped into a wicker basket screwed to a wall. So try using variegated ivy (Hedera) with pink and green ornamental cabbages. Take a wire tray on chains and add several pots for your patio.

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