Nowadays, Bohemian style is very popular. Its motifs and colors are exotic and full of art, that’s why it is very nice to be applied to fashion, jewelry, and for home design. Especially for home design, you can bring Bohemian style for your home in a simple and easy way by providing Bohemian rug, cushions, and so on. In this post, we’ve prepared some inspirations about modern and colorful Bohemian style that really nice for your home.

Nowadays, our life is full of gadgets, gizmos and ultramodern technology to make our loves safer, easier, efficient, and fun. There are so many product that will make your home ‘smart’.  Here we’re talking about smart technology that can be installed through your house. Check out these 10 gadgets to make your home ‘smart’ below.

Yellow is the universal color. It can work with different design styles, from retro to farmhouse and even preppy traditional. Decorating your kitchen with yellow color does not mean that you have to paint the room with yellow. You can incorporate this color by selecting accent pieces and finding playful furnishings without going overboard. Now check out these 9 ideas to decorate your kitchen with yellow color below to inspire you. 

The aim of boho style is to embrace your creativity using strong patterns and an eye-catching textiles. A boho beach home, for example, it is a casual retreat which offers complete serenity and relaxation. So, combining Boho and beach will promote a relaxing feeling to your space. Now check out 10 tips to  mastering Boho-beachy home decor below to inspire you. 

First impression is something that you should consider, especially the first impression that you want to give in your front house for the visitors. Your front house’s style gives the visitors a preview of what is inside. Consider to add some fresh color or even unique style to it, so your visitors will feel welcome to come in.  Check out these 10 colorful ways to amp up your front house to inspire you below. 

A dining room is an ideal place for hosting holiday meals and family game nights or even sharing meals with friends, so, decorating the dining room is a must. The decorating should reflect the many ways in which you use it. To create an inviting area for family and friends, considering the lighting choice and make the most of both the shape and the size for your space. Another ways to decorate your dining room on a budget is by changing the chairs, or adding a cool artwork. Now check out these 10 awesome ways to refresh your dining room below to inspire you. 1. Chic Dining Room A gray barrel back dining chairs on gilded framing with a chandelier to get a chic vibe to your dining space. 2. Add Texture Add texture to your space with this brown leather chairs on black wooden legs and big artwork to your wall. 3. Create…

Many of us have basements at home and this space shouldn’t be forgotten when you decorate your home, so let’s create a safe and uncluttered storage space in your basement. But first of all, here are some tips to get the best basement organizer before you arrange your own basement. Start by assess the clutter. You can donate or toss your rarely use stuff. Separate the stuff and keep it into new categories; boxing the stuff, label it and keep it into a safer place, so you can easily find it when you need it.

If you are done with the stuff, you can start to arrange your basement. You can use the basement into anything; bar, bedroom, home theater, TV area, entertainment room, and else. Now check out these 10 stylish basement bar decor ideas to inspire you below.

If you are the big fans of healthy and nature, eco-friendly decor is the best for you. Eco-friendly decor is an item and accessories that made of natural materials, and the eco-friendly interior supposes lots of light and the shades of stones, wood and ground. For the interior, you can add a greenery, flowers, aquariums and cages with birds. The more natural materials you use, the better.  Now check out these 10 ideas to make your interior eco-friendly below.

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