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Unexpected Ways to Style Your Ceiling 47

50 Unexpected Ways to Style Your Ceiling

When decorating a ceiling, all it takes is one glance upward to notice that expanse above our head which means that it’s just as much a design opportunity as the rest. But the fact, ceiling is an unexpected spot to make your space shine. Check out this picture gallery below to get some inspiration. And looking up will never be the same again.

54 Men’s Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas for a Modern Look

Here are some bachelor pads essential that every man needs at home. At this age, it is harder to sustain that eating-at-the-coffee-table lifestyle; a small scale dining table will make it easier to entertain. Your bedroom dresser can be a focal point for your living room and it is a great investment piece; don’t skimp on quality. Men tends to be so practical about the furniture choices, convince them to take a chance with something bold that is not necessarily needed; bold wallpaper.

45 Best Pergola Design Ideas That You Want to Copy Right...

Keep these pointers in mind for optimal design solutions when choosing a space for your pergola. A seat placed beneath the lower side of the pitched-roof pergola faces the garden and it is more usual horizontal overhead beams increases the sense that what lies ahead is important. It is good when neighboring houses or utility items behind are secondary. Make an arch in perfect scale; rose-covered arch is simply and perfectly proportioned.
Gorgeous Steel French Doors Ideas (37)

47 Gorgeous Steel French Doors Ideas

French doors are used as both entry patio doors and as interior doors that separate two spaces. French doors are popular because it allows some privacy while allowing a visual connection between two spaces. It often opens on to a deck or a backyard patio and may be used with a screen door system. Interior we can found it in the entryway between a dining room and kitchen, or even living room.
Best Industrial Look with Large Windows (42)

51 Best Industrial Look with Large Windows

A large window with single pane of glass is usually found in living room. Large windows are fixed in the wall so they don’t open and typically don’t have mullions unless they are toward the edges. Large window frame the view as if it were a picture. It became a fixture in post-war homes and became synonymous with the dark side of suburbia.
Beautiful Wood for Your Living Room 28

38 Beautiful Wood for Your Living Room

Wood is a traditional, beautiful and being used by the interior design material. With softwoods and hardwoods the variety of colors, grain patterns and textures can please any taste and emphasize any if interior design style. The wood types define the latest trends in decorating and design. Wooden furniture, ceiling and wall designs and floor ideas will look spectacular and warm with wood.
Creative Pergola Design Ideas to Copy Right Now 05

47 Creative Pergola Design Ideas to Copy Right Now

If you ever wondered to build pergola, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can build your own. Make sure that you have a space for a pergola; pick a spot in your outdoor space that would look great with a pergola and provide enough room outside of it. Figure out which one would look best in your space and that you like the most. Pay attention to rafter beam shape and the curve of the roof.
Simple Pendant to Beautify Your Space 27

36 Simple Pendants to Beautify Your Space

If you are looking for a hardworking light source that offers both function and form, pendant lighting is the answer. With variety of applications and plenty of style options, pendant lights shine with beauty and practically. To illuminate a specific task or update your décor, the light makes all the different and pendant does it all. Pendant used for all-purpose illumination; focuses light on a specific work area and accent lighting which highlights specific areas.

31 Ideas to Build Concrete Stairs

Build a concrete stairs requires knowledge of mixing and pouring concrete, making concrete forms and using tools like hammers, drills, levels and many other. If your first project is build a concrete stairs, may want to practice on a simpler project instead such as pouring a simple concrete floor. This kind of work is also labor intensive, so you need a physically able to perform it. But if you sure, with a little planning and attention to the detail, you can add concrete stairs to your space (or perhaps the best way is calling the expert one).

38 Best Ways to Add Curtains in Your Bathroom Decor

Bathroom curtain are a perennially popular for good reason. It offer privacy and light control and they also come in a wide range of fabrics. Casual window treatments and lined curtains not only make curtains sturdier and offer a consistent appearance from the street, it is best at blocking prying eyes.  Because privacy is the key factor in choosing window treatments for your bathroom.

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