Windows are essential to let light in and allow the inhabitants to look out and most people choose to decorate their windows with curtains. But some other people really do not like the curtains. This may be a cliche, but windows really is the eye of your home and the way you dress them can make or break your room scheme. Not only is the design you choose to be attractive, it will ultimately dictate the light thrown into space, so multipurpose makeup is your best choice.

Window Shelves

window 1b
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Break the rules and double your storage in one fell swoop by installing shelving across your windows. It’s obviously a perfect place for an herb garden, but it also makes a nice showcase spot for your most prized dishes as well.

Old Rolling Map

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Old projector screens and vintage roll up maps from thrift shops make the perfect window treatment. This can make your home look unique and interesting.

Slide Barn Style

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Barn doors are all the rage now, so why not extend their uses to the windows too? This option uses reclaimed wood and classic barn door track mounts for a rustic look.

Pompoms Curtain

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Pompom is an adorable thing that can change the mood of a room. Look at this colorful pompoms that gives a cheerful impression, it’s better put in the child’s room.

Stained Glass

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We like the look of the original stained glass window, but for some people the budget is something to consider. You can choose this smart DIY version to embed a jolt of color into any space.

Rollup Bamboo Shades

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Roll-up Bamboo shades provide excellent light coverage for any room. These shades are very affordable while lending the ultimate protection and stunning looks to your home.

Laser Cut Wood Panels

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These wooden window panels can make a real statement in the home, as the wood is cut to your specifications and design needs. Install decorative laser cut wood panels in front of windows to add decorative elements and privacy to your window.

Window Film

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Static cling window films are a great alternative to curtains. They are easy to put up and remove, and they protect your privacy. Not to mention, they are super cool looking. you can choose repeat patterns to films that are more decorative.


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