The tropical style is one of the hottest trends of the decade. The elegant and colorful, cheerful and exotic tropical decorations feel very relaxed and comfortable for your home. The tropical decoration style is about colorful tropical themes that bring exotic flavors into modern interior decoration and create unique and comfortable spaces for the residents.

The Wall

tropical 1a

Walls and wall styles play a big part in tropical decor. They are also a fan of flora wallpaper like the one you can see above. Again, you are trying to replicate the natural flora of the island, so get creative.

Use Linen

tropical 2a

Boasting high moisture absorptivity, linen is ideal for tropical home. Linen can making an appearance in everything from cool crisp bed sheet to sheer billowing drapes and chic upholstery.

Bright Color

tropical 3a

Tropics is about bright and bright colors. Apply the colors on your furniture to light the tropical spirit.

Style with Shutters

tropical 4a

Tropical island homes feature exterior shutters that can be opened to take advantage of tropical breezes, or closed during rough winds.

Jute Rug

tropical 5a

Bringing the tropical spirit is as easy as replacing your carpet with jute rugs.

Touch of Green

tropical 6a

When you’re on a budget, consider a statement piece instead of a statement room. We suggest to put a lot of indoor plants.

Crisp Kitchen

tropical 5b

Many island kitchens are clean white with concrete floors. Here, dark mahogany custom cabinets pop against the sleek white walls, while rattan pendant lights, fronds, throw rugs and baskets round off the island theme.


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