10 Smart Hacks for You Who Live in Small Apartment

People nowadays tend to live in a small apartment rather than a big house. It deals with low budget and millennial daily life. It will be so clutter when you cannot organize anything on the right path. Here are ten smart hacks for you who live in small apartment.

Focus on Double-Duty Furniture

Focus on Double-Duty FurnitureUsing double-duty furniture will help you save the space. Don’t input a bed but choose a bench which can function as bed as well. Then, avoid inserting a dining table but coffee table that can be used for sitting and or putting some meals.

Wall Shelves Are Your Friend

Wall Shelves Are Your FriendWall shelves are not only to keep your books but also for other things like earphone and other tiny stuffs. Here, a sofa under it takes part for getting rest after a long day work. It helps you when you don’t have enough entry way furniture.

Make Use of Every Corner

Make Use of Every CornerCorner can be one the solutions to give you more space. It can be used for additional sitting and or a table. Use your corner efficiently to create further functional room. Then, it also will upgrade your room decoration.

Use Curtains to Define Your Space

Use Curtains to Define Your SpaceGauzy curtains help you to define your private area. It is simple but works well to create space and looks beautiful. You can open and close the curtain as needed. Feel free to use any pattern and color you like as long as it fit to your apartment decoration.

Use Big Wall Art

Use Big Wall ArtDon’t be afraid of big art for your apartment. You can put the big art over headboard to make to create different look.  Have big art on the wall make your room seems stunning.

Get Creative With Shelving

Get Creative With ShelvingUnique shelving brings a new look to your apartment. It keeps your room larger than its real size. With creativity, a small apartment will provide all you need just like a big house. Enjoy your day!

Create Your Own Closet Space

Create Your Own Closet SpaceUse your empty wall to make an open-air closet for your wardrobe. This will be perfect for you who have many clothes but live in a small apartment. The use of drawers, hanging racks, and shelves keep you easy to save all your goods.

Try a Loft

Try a LoftWhen you live in a small apartment with tall ceiling, it can used to build loft. You are free to use it as bedroom or any room you need, even when you want to create music room. This is a recommended apartment style.

Designate an Accent Wall

Designate an Accent WallBold abstract wallpaper help you to create more space illusion. It gives you a giant piece of art as visual interest. The use of neutral color also helps this apartment be brighter and look larger.

Turn Your Bed into a Daybed

Turn Your Bed Into a DaybedUsing bed as daybed helps you to have double function furniture. Get it as a bed to go sleep at night and change as a sofa for doing your activity during the day. Add some pillows to make it more eye catching and cheerful.




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