10 Adorable Exterior Paintings to Inspire You

Exterior design becomes the most important part of a house since it is the first place that seen by people. The beauty of exterior deals with color painting. Make sure that you apply the best color for your exterior. This is because the painting will affect your exterior decoration as well.

Color for Sense of Formality

Color for Sense of FormalityBright blue door color gives sense of elegance entry room. The lighter color palette asks you to keep the tradition of this house. With soft surrounding, this house can show its own spotlights.

Color for Seaside

Color for SeasideOcean blue color reminds us to the color of sea. Paint the door with unexpected color such as purple, lilac, or other to make it more dramatic. This stylish exterior may be fit to your house with its beauty.

Tudor Style

Tudor StyleBrown accent and mustard yellow work together to create harmony for more stunning home exterior design. It also keeps the door in neutral color to add a sense of country style. For you who like Tudor style house, this may be the best example.

Transitional Home

transitional homeIf you adore a serene abode in your life, this exterior color will bring you to get what you want. Cool green, butter yellow and pure white give such a calm sensation for this transitional home design. It will make you feel calm and relax.

Gray for Elegance

Gray for eleganceMuted-blue gray palette perfectly comes to make this house look sophisticated. It works well with the deep navy color for painting the door. It seems like you are in winter season house style to spend your holiday.

Beach House Exterior Color

Beach House Exterior ColorThis warm house shows its beauty through the cheerful yellow painting. The cinnamon color that is applied for the door makes this house looks awesome. While pure white add the essence of cheerful sensation as like as the sun.

Traditional Exterior Painting

Traditional Exterior PaintingThe role of apricot and peach cream painting to this house creates country house style which is dazzling. Green door appear as the vocal pint of this exterior design. Though this house is painted with neutral color but it comes up with its appeal.

Sun-Baked Exterior Design

sun-baked exterior designRed door gives more statement to this house exterior design. While the role of taupe, beige, and brown make this house more stunning outward. It seems like the owner of this house want to create earthy home decoration.

Craftsman-Style Home

Craftsman-style homeOlive green gives a sense of natural beauty for the outside wall of this house. It comes with white to create such a natural harmony. The existence of oak door brings this house into a splendid exterior design.

Southwest-Style Home Exterior

Southwest-style home exteriorApplying natural clay and dark brown for exterior comes with the natural beauty. If you want to have a Southwest-style home, this exterior painting may be fit to you. Add a touch of natural material to make it prettier.



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