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Floor Stencil and Paint Design Ideas You Must See ASAP

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If your floor is seriously need an update but you are on a budget, try to do a floor stencils. This option is so quick and easy solution for you who don’t have time or money to invest in replacing your floor. Floor stencil is paint the floor using paint and stencils. Check out these floor stencils design ideas below to inspire you.

1. Hand-Printed Patterned Floor

Hand-Printed Patterned Floor.

This project is good for you who like a rustic cabin look. Only using custom stencils and paint, but the result is sweet.

2. A Screen-Printed Bathroom Floor

A Screen-Printed Bathroom Floor

This flooring is using a screenprinted art paper to cover the paint-splattered plywood floor.

3. Floor Stencil in Vinyl Tile Flooring

Floor Stencil in Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a high gloss surface, but we can still upgrade it with stencil project. The first half of this project requires prepping the surface, while the second is primarily painting and sealing your new surface application.

4. Painted Concrete Floors

Painted Concrete Floors

The cold stone of a concrete floor is rarely considered beautiful. Create a design in the floor to make the floor more feminine and interesting.

5. Painted and Patterned Wood Floors

Painted and Patterned Wood Floors

The wood floors is perfect floor surface to try some paint.

6. A Painted Plywood Floor

A Painted Plywood Floor

If you’re not into flowers and swirls, try something a bit more mod and geometric, like this picture above.

7. Black and White Stripe Linoleum Floor

Black and White Stripe Linoleum Floor

Bought linoleum floor panels in bulk and then cut and laid them in a striped pattern right on top of her existing linoleum!

8. The Painted Porch Rug

The Painted Porch Rug

First of all, sketch the pattern on paper, clean the porch and marked off the area for the rug with painter’s tape and paint it.

9. Covering the Damage Floor

Covering the Damage Floor

Cover your damage wood floor by paint them wide stripes. This project is perfect for you who are on a budget.

10. DIY Concrete-Looking Floor

DIY Concrete-Looking Floor

Paint your vinyl flooring tiles to look like concrete for a clean, unfussy appearance.

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