Top 10 Popular Living Room Colors That Upgrade Your Beautiful Home

Living room is the central gathering place for your friend and family. Here, you will spend your time for watching TV shows, entertain your guest, and relax your body firstly after going somewhere. The color of this room also affects your feeling. Whenever you fill so tired after long day work, coming into a living room with nice color will calm your mind. These are top living room color for your room;

Royal Blue Living Room


Hyper blue living room gives you wonderful atmosphere at your lovely room. This makes your house brighter and open feel. Blue painting shows the beauty of your house with cheerful environment. Try this for you living room, soon!

Chinoiserie Red Living Room


This exotic chinoiserie red color gives a sense of impact for your living room design. White furniture makes this room more astonishing. Let your living room be brighter than before by red and make it elegant by white furniture.

Yellow Living Room


Yellow is good for your eyes. By this design, you will make your living room more open feel. This painting color is good to be paired in any furniture color and style. Moreover, your living room will be looked bigger.

Black Fox Living Room

black fox living room

Do you love dark color? You don’t need to avoid this color for your living room. Everything inside the room will blend together by this black painting. It looks awesome when you choose natural color furniture just like brown, beige, or other natural colors you like.

Colorhouse Clay Living Room

Colorhouse Clay Living Room

The colorhouse clay gives earthy-look for your living room. Then, you can use furniture in any color and shape.  Put anything you want on the wall. Whether paintings, family photo galleries, or any wall ornaments as your desire.

Bubblegum Pink Living Room

Bubblegum Pink Living Room

Add feminine touch to your living room by applying bubblegum pink color on the wall. It will be more playfulness when you add some patterned chair with sofa. Make your life more cheerful with this beautiful color.

Antiguan Sky Living Room

Antiguan Sky Living Room

Antigua sky color makes you feel like flying on the sky. This color is good for the health of your eyes. Your living room will make you feel calm, fresh, and peace. Antigua makes you come back to the nature of life.

Pussywillow Living Room

Pussywillow Living Room

Grey is one of the best choices for your wall. It makes your room looks elegant, luxurious, and calm. When you come to this room from a long journey of hot day, this color make your body feel relax. So, it doesn’t matter when you apply this color for your living room.

Tanner’s Brown Living Room

Tanner's Brown Living Room

Brown is one of natural colors that bring you close to the nature. You can put some paintings or photo galleries to make it more attractive. This color needs lighting at night to show the beauty of your living room.  Try this color soon!

Misty Lilac Living Room

Misty Lilac Living Room

Soft purple seems neutral to pair with any kinds of furniture you have. Put some paintings or other wall ornaments will make your living room more artistic. Grab this style and change your living room design to be more stunning.






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