amazing ways to decorate with wallpaper 12

Wallpaper is becoming increasingly common for the everyday homeowner. But consider the style of the room that you are decorating first. For example, if it’s romantic, try delicate damask and floral with fine lines in muted, pastel color. Figure out how you plan to use the wallpaper in the room; cover all four walls, feature one wall, wallpaper a chair rail or perhaps to add interest to the ceiling.

After determining the style of the pattern and the color, look for what type of backing the wallpaper has. If you are wallpapering for the first time, avoid very small patterns with offset matches because the design can be difficult to match up in repeat. Flat wallpaper or one with a textured look is the best; textured wallpaper can give a wall some dimension and also do an excellent job in covering imperfection. With flat wallpapers, you have the options of fine detailing in design and embellishments; metallic, gloss or mica effects. Now see these 34 amazing ways to decorate with wallpaper below to inspire you after knowing some tips above.


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