42 DIY Ideas to Create a Small Urban Balcony Garden

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Many people think that they can’t grow their own food and flowers because they lack any kind of garden space. But actually, you can grow more than you realize even in a small areas as long as they get direct sun even for a bit. And you can even grow things indoor under the lamp. But there is something special about plucking your own food and flowers from a stalk.

Whether you have a small space of concrete slab behind your house, a fire escape outside your window or even a tiny balcony, urban garden can be a veritable Eden of fresh, healthy, home-growing vegetables and herbs. There are so many varieties of ‘one-pot’ container gardens that you can make even in your balcony or patio. Take a look at these 42 DIY ideas to create a small urban balcony garden to inspire you, and happy DIY-ing.

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