42 Small Backyard Garden Ideas to Make Them Look Spacious

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You don’t have to call Versailles home to design a great outdoor space even you only have a small one. The creative planters and unique ideas here will make your garden looks beautiful. Mix and match your herbs; herbs bunched together transforms a small patch of porch into hardworking acreage. Fill a birdbath with succulents; pebbles – to hold more moisture in the soil – add to the dessert-landscape look for your outdoor space.

Liven up your outdoor wall or fence with a sun-seeking climber, like bougainvillea. And to create contrast and visual vibrancy, fill your containers with interestingly shaped plants like scallop-leafed geraniums and agave. Or try combining vertical foliage with one that spill over the sides to double up on varieties. See more examples of small backyard garden ideas to make them look spacious below.

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