Most Stunning Modern Marble Kitchens 20

47 Most Stunning Modern Marble Kitchens

Marble is like wine; when you love it, you love it, but when you don’t, you don’t. Marble can give some of you a terrible headache when you can’t deal with it, but for those who love it, nothing stands in the way. Marble is something that is so much more beautiful rather than quartz granite that is organic and has a mind of its own. So, if you love an everlasting, non-trendy, classic, beauty that awakens your soul to its depths in looks and touch, marble is all you need.
DIY Burlap Backed Bookcase 30

36 DIY Burlap Backed Bookcase

Let’s do something with the back of the bookcases and had originally planned on using something. Lining the back of the bookcases with burlap is a great DIY project. We can use small upholstery tacks around the edges to anchor it to the bookcase. You can also add a decorative touch into your project.
Incredible Masculine Living Room Design Ideas 22

41 Incredible Masculine Living Room Design Ideas

Talking about masculine spaces, most of people tends to think about either shabby bachelor pads that seem to exude a sense of chaos or sterile spaces that borrow from an uber-minimalist and almost futuristic theme. Masculine living room can be a lot more than these mere stereotypes and they can also convey a sense of warmth, elegance and diverse styles and themes. A carefully curated masculine living room is easier to create than the feminine touches one. And the overall ambiance often seems more apt for public space.
amazing ways to decorate with wallpaper 12

34 Amazing Ways to Decorate with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is becoming increasingly common for the everyday homeowner. But consider the style of the room that you are decorating first. For example, if it’s romantic, try delicate damask and floral with fine lines in muted, pastel color. Figure out how you plan to use the wallpaper in the room; cover all four walls, feature one wall, wallpaper a chair rail or perhaps to add interest to the ceiling.

38 Awesome Above-ground Outdoor Pool Ideas

Above-ground swimming pools range from economical models to more luxurious and expensive styles. Many of it can be enjoyed throughout, the year, and some use saltwater system which are popular with in-ground models. It also options for solar heating systems and energy efficient covers. Build a decking surround for your above-ground pool is a clever way to give your pool a feeling of more permanence and easier accessibility.
Gorgeous Bathroom with Stone Wall Ideas (32)

32 Gorgeous Bathroom with Stone Wall Ideas

The ideas of having stone wall in the bathroom is nothing new in itself and has obviously been around for ages. But the last few decades have seen homeowners move from more modest and rustic one and polish option that ooze an air of opulence. While the 90s saw design and decorating trends shift towards simplicity, clean straight lines, muted colors and a look that fits in with the idea of modernity. But today, many homeowners wants a blend of the contemporary and the classic; a combination that has revived the popularity of the stone wall.
Cute Nursery Room Ideas to Inspire You (38)

44 Cute Nursery Room Ideas to Inspire You

If you wanted to make a nursery room, make sure that everything you could possibly need is within easy reach of the changing table. Don’t forget to step away the baby stuff; diapers, wipes, laundry hampers and else- is step away from the baby and risk the baby rolling off because you need to grab something clean to slide under the baby’s butt post-poop explosion. Avoid the clutter; make sure that you have a lot of functional storage space so you have easy places to tuck things when you are done using them instead of leaving them scattered on the floor. Don’t forget to install washable wallpaper to help you to clean the first pee spray hits the wall.
Inspirational Ideas to get Cozy Window Seat (48)

51 Inspirational Ideas to get Cozy Window Seat

Actually, you still make a relaxation zone even if your room is small. You can use your window space which is usually empty with a soft seat and cushions. The small sofa seat with cushions has been the luxurious item for upscale interiors since long time ago. This seat is also have so many kinds of window sear such as window bench with storage, window single seat or even window seat with a book shelves and it is usually accompanied with cushions.
Decorating Modern Fireplace Ideas (42)

42 Decorating Modern Fireplace Ideas

To decorate modern fireplace, first and foremost, it is important to stay with a minimalist ideas. If you do decide you use any type of accessories surround the fireplace, you must not use too many or create clutter. One center piece of multiple items will be fine as long as they look clean and crisp. And it will work great if you are working with smooth surface such as marble fireplace.

39 Unique Small Storage Shed Ideas for Your Own Garden

If you have a lot of stuff in your home, probably you will love to see these outdoor storage ideas below. Outdoor storage seems like it is always an issue. Either there is never enough of it or there is no good way to store your tools, outdoor cookware, cushions, and others. It is a problem with hundred solutions and you should pick one that is the best for your space.

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