32 IKEA Hack for Apartment on A Budget

IKEA Hack for Apartment on A Budget (7)

Let’s take a look at these IKEA hacks that helps you organize your entire space. Every room could benefit from some extra organization, and IKEA hacks offer just that: affordable and genius solutions to everyone home issues. Upgrade your EXPEDIT bookcase by adding locker doors on the front of each shelf so you can simply keep your stuff there and it is out of sight. Don’t drop your IKEA magazine holders on the table; sort it all into different cubbies for bills, personal notes and more. Continue Reading

37 Brilliant IKEA Hacks Ideas on A Budget

Brilliant IKEA Hacks Ideas on A Budget (11)

IKEAS is one retail store that offers a vast variety of various types of furniture for each taste and budget. It is great how IKEA sales attract very many individuals putting in mind that furniture isn’t edible or a favorite to a lot of individuals especially the young one. If money isn’t a concern, you can take the simply road and purchase a ready edition in IKEA. But if you only have a small budget, have a look at these some IKEA hack for you. Continue Reading

82 Incredible IKEA Hacks for Home Decoration Ideas

Ikea hacks for home (40)

Here are some proofs that you can change cheap furniture into the luxury one. You can mix and match cabinets to create different looks by the line of shelves; lining them on wall, a row, so there’s a space above for pretty things and plenty of hiding spots below. Upgrade your old kitchen cart; a fresh coat of gray paint, a chick marble top, and a shiny towel bar makes your kitchen helper as stylish as it is functional. Buy a dresser and add a bit of leather and brass will bring a character to your dresser; adding paint and removing the old knob. Continue Reading