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30 Home Interior Designs With Exposed Brick Walls Ideas

An exposed brick wall is one of those versatile interior design features that work well with different decorating themes, be it modern, rustic, eclectic or industrial. Brick walls are bold and full of character. There many in which it can be incorporated into the interiors of your home. They will also look just as good in the kitchen as they do in the living room.

25 Awesome Small Front Porch Design Ideas

Many people are struggling to decorate and add style to their small front porch. Some houses probably don’t have a porch but more of a stoop. It is a bit dilemma. But there are tons of ways to do it, and here some tips to inspire you.

25 Amazing Practical Bathroom Tile Ideas

Tile layout is the king in any bathroom. So you need to plan the tile layout carefully from the start to aid in everything from framing changes to niche locations to fixture locations to lighting locations. The result might be close to what you wanted with the careful planning. Plan it out include other details such as medicine cabinets, downlights and fans.


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