having a bridal shower is can be very stressful to coordinate many things, but it is such an honor to do for the bride to be. For the theme, take advantage of the bride’s chosen wedding colors and use it as your bridal shower too. Hosting a bridal shower sometimes can roe your bank account, if it’s possible, ask your guest to bring a dish, so you only need to provide them the cocktails and the decor. To make the show run smoothly even some of your guest not knows one another, prepare a fun game that is also a fun way to break up the shower and make the bride feel special.

Let’s organize your closet with some of these ideas. Add hooks to your closet door and hang your bags on it, and it will make you feel easier to pick it when you need to use it. Or take your shower hooks and hang your purses in your closet so your handles don’t get misshaped. Also consider to add drawer to your closet, so you can grouping your clothes and yes, it is great ideas to use any impossible space in your closet.

If you are planning to install fireplace that allure nature indoors, consider choosing river stone. This style easily transforms your fireplace in an elegant way that also bring warmth feel to your space. If you need a focal point, this river rock fireplace is the great one. Also consider the color that you choose; go with a river rock fireplace to match the overall tone of your space, or just pick a hue to contrast it.

If you have an extra space under your stairs, don’t left it empty because you can use this space with something useful. For example, make a home office under the stairs. If your under the stairs’s home office have a tiny space, consider creating a built-in shelves to store your stuff. If you want a simple and beautiful appearance of your home office, choose classic design.

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