Water feature can serve many purposes to your space and other. It can be a piece of art to your space, a place for the fish to swim and even as a sources of gentle sound effects. Water feature can add a beautiful element to your space, but it also requires a careful maintenance to make them function properly and operate safely. Whatever water feature that you choose, make sure that it will fit in with the composition of your garden.

Marble can give you so many problems once you can’t deal with it, but if you love them very much, nothing can stand your way. Marble is organic, has a mind of its own and yes, it is beautiful. Another good one about marble is they are everlasting, non-trendy and classic. In your kitchen, you can bring marble in many everywhere; kitchen island, countertop, tile, backsplash, etc.

Small kitchen is more efficient than the larger one.  Your kitchen does not have to be exclusive, all you need are some good small kitchen decoration ideas to keep your space organized, functional but still look beautiful.
The first thing to do is face the clutter. Toss or donate the unnecessary items that you haven’t used for a while, cleared the cabinet and clear the counters by storing it that cause visual clutter.

Another way to beautify your bedroom space is by adding rug. But consider not to choose a rug that is too small because it will make your space look smaller. Do not be afraid to layering the rug, or if your space is long and narrow but your rug is too small for your space, laying two rugs side by side is also great. If your floor has carpet, it is also okay to layer the carpet with rug.
When decorating your space, choosing the rug first because rug will make a big impact to overall look of your space. Don’t be afraid to play with the pattern, because plain color is so boring. Never skip the rug pad because it will dispels slipping and sliding.

To keep your mudroom clean, always place a mat on the inside and outside of the entry door; indoor mat with a non-skid backing is great option- and place a boot scraper next to the door outside especially for a snowy or muddy area. Add a drying rack or hang a plenty of hooks for outer garments such as hats, gloves, scarfs and else. To keep your shoes, consider adding a shoe racks rather than shoe bin because shoe racks still allow the air to circulate around your damp shoes. If you have small space for mudroom, shelving is the right option for you.

Laundry room is a room with so many stuff there, so you need extra care to make it clean and organized. Organize all your cleaning supplies in a carry-all caddy that is ideal for wire shelves to prevent the bottle from tipping over or store them in an open-top storage container. If your laundry room is too small, go vertical to dry the clothes. Install a retractable clothesline or buy a freestanding drying rack.

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