43 Lovely and Beautiful Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Lovely and Beautiful Bathroom Remodeling Ideas (30)

It might appear insignificant, but it’s true that one needs to be mindful of what exactly goes into designing a child’s bathroom, so as to create the most suitable impression on the kid’s mind. Thus, it is a great idea to shop about and see what fits your financial plan. In addition, it is truly inexpensive, so that you can keep altering your bathroom theme frequently. Continue Reading

35 DIY Project Inspiration: Cozy Farmhouse Decor

DIY Project Inspiration Cozy Farmhouse Decor (17)

We all adore the farmhouse look, just like back to where we spend our day in grandma’s house. Farmhouse look is understated, familiar and warm. We can try some fun and inexpensive DIY project to bring the farmhouse look into our space. So let’s make our home unique with these DIY farmhouse decorations so you can successfully create a farmhouse feel in your home no matter where you live. Continue Reading

60 Gorgeous Cabin Style Interior Design Ideas

Gorgeous Cabin Style Interior Design Ideas (59)

Log cabin interior design is associated with winter vacation where you want to do nothing but relax. But we have to remember that there are also log cabin homes. A mountain house or log cabin house is always composed of the basic elements such as stone and wood. it architecture is represented by a brick stone fireplace, wood and stone plaster, surrounded by trees and beautiful landscapes. Continue Reading

45 Soft and Minimalist Roman Shade Living Room Decoration

Soft and Minimalist Roman Shade Living Room Decoration (42)

Let’s spruce up your window with a Roman shade styles. Inspired by the sky, all-white Roman shades provide understated elegance and don’t forget to add a focal point; blue bench. Bring sheer white curtains to your all-white living room to reflect the sun and invite a burst of light. If your space is black and white color scheme, use a white Roman shade outlined in black trim to continue your color scheme. Continue Reading

42 Breathtaking Cottage Style Decoration Ideas

Breathtaking Cotage Style Decoration Ideas (9)

Let’s add a cottage-style to your space that is so charm, purity and natural comfort throughout your home. Embrace the natural elements with the natural, simplistic and bare-boned style to your space; the little imperfections and discolorations create an earthy and distressed look. As for the color, a mix of oyster shell, taupe and gray will make for the perfect color palette for cottage-style living. These hues are fresh, natural and beautifully vibrant. Continue Reading

50 Modern Kitchen Cabinet for Your Dream House

Modern Kitchen Cabinet for Your Dream House (43)

We share you some tips that you should know about installing cabinetry. When removing old cabinets, don’t take off the wall with the old cabinets because there is often more than just screws holding the kitchen cabinets to the wall; take time and find every screw and use a utility knife to take any caulk off the edges. Do an efficient installation; start with the wall cabinets and move down to the base to prevent anything from getting in the way. Also start at a corner to save time and frustration. Continue Reading