Living Room Design


Many of us love to spend our time outdoor during summer because of the weather. But what about bringing the summer vibe indoor? It is not a difficult and expensive as it seams. All you need is a creativity and time. You can add a juicy color to your furniture and accessories, or adding a couple of summer detail to your space. Get inspired by these 8 cheerful summer living room decor ideas below.

Living room is the central gathering place for your friend and family. Here, you will spend your time for watching TV shows, entertain your guest, and relax your body firstly after going somewhere. The color of this room also affects your feeling. Whenever you fill so tired after long day work, coming into a living room with nice color will calm your mind. These are top living room color for your room;

When you try to choose curtain for your space, function comes first, just set aside style consideration for a moment. For example, if you want treatments that provide privacy or even total darkness, all you need is lined curtains. If your curtain is simply decorative, unline curtain will work best for your space. Lining is more expensive, but it can shield fabric from sun damage and make your curtains last longer.

Most people relate the exposed beams with the mark of barn ceiling and French kitchen. But nowadays, this trend becomes widely popular among other style and there are so many reasons to add exposed beams to your space. They can highlight a large space, support your old room or even make an attic even cozier. But no matter what the purpose is, exposed beams add a perfect hint of rusticity to any home.

If you want a coastal style for your space, you will find plenty of inspiration here. To add pattern to a beach house living room, throw pillows are the perfect ways. Also add an element of shimmer by incorporating mirrored pieces such as the console and mercury glass vases. Also keep your space simple and put a greater focus on varied textures so your eye does not bounce all over the place.

Talking about masculine spaces, most of people tends to think about either shabby bachelor pads that seem to exude a sense of chaos or sterile spaces that borrow from an uber-minimalist and almost futuristic theme. Masculine living room can be a lot more than these mere stereotypes and they can also convey a sense of warmth, elegance and diverse styles and themes. A carefully curated masculine living room is easier to create than the feminine touches one. And the overall ambiance often seems more apt for public space.

Actually, you still make a relaxation zone even if your room is small. You can use your window space which is usually empty with a soft seat and cushions. The small sofa seat with cushions has been the luxurious item for upscale interiors since long time ago. This seat is also have so many kinds of window sear such as window bench with storage, window single seat or even window seat with a book shelves and it is usually accompanied with cushions.

Wood is a traditional, beautiful and being used by the interior design material. With softwoods and hardwoods the variety of colors, grain patterns and textures can please any taste and emphasize any if interior design style. The wood types define the latest trends in decorating and design. Wooden furniture, ceiling and wall designs and floor ideas will look spectacular and warm with wood.

Industrial d├ęcor ideas can be associated to spaces that will make you feel more lived-in. it consist of high ceilings, exposed walls and flooring, and the unfinished walls with no ceiling. This look nowadays is achieved by renovating or reinventing a certain space because the decorators or designer strip the living room. For example, old wallpapers or ceiling, leaving the brick, concrete walls, beams and vents exposed.

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