Kitchen Design


Yellow is the universal color. It can work with different design styles, from retro to farmhouse and even preppy traditional. Decorating your kitchen with yellow color does not mean that you have to paint the room with yellow. You can incorporate this color by selecting accent pieces and finding playful furnishings without going overboard. Now check out these 9 ideas to decorate your kitchen with yellow color below to inspire you. 

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms for a house. This place becomes the core of life. Here, a mother cook and prepare the best menu for entire family member. A nice kitchen will make a mother can enjoy cooking and preserving any kinds of meals happily. Then, white kitchen will make this place look larger. Here are some white kitchens ideas which avoid monotonous look for you;

Marble can give you so many problems once you can’t deal with it, but if you love them very much, nothing can stand your way. Marble is organic, has a mind of its own and yes, it is beautiful. Another good one about marble is they are everlasting, non-trendy and classic. In your kitchen, you can bring marble in many everywhere; kitchen island, countertop, tile, backsplash, etc.

Small kitchen is more efficient than the larger one.  Your kitchen does not have to be exclusive, all you need are some good small kitchen decoration ideas to keep your space organized, functional but still look beautiful.
The first thing to do is face the clutter. Toss or donate the unnecessary items that you haven’t used for a while, cleared the cabinet and clear the counters by storing it that cause visual clutter.

Kitchen backsplash is one of the way for you to add your personality pieces to your space. And you need to think about it carefully because of the tile that you choose for your backsplash is the one that you need to spruce up your wall space between the countertop and cabinets and above the range. It should showcase the color scheme and the theme of your kitchen. You need to be creative because backsplash is the focal point of your space.

Natural stones industry offer abundant options for kitchen; granite, marble, slate,quartz and else. But there are two things to consider when making a decision for your kitchen using natural stones; the look and durability. It is because not all types of natural stones are suitable for every application. So you have to know which one is the best for your kitchen based on some point that you should consider.

European kitchen design can range from traditional style to more modern kitchen design. But the consistency of this theme tends more toward styles inspired by the midcentury modern design.  As for the kitchen backsplash, this style often featuring a mix of dramatic angles and flowing curves. It is also reflected in the furniture, cabinets, accessories and even the color.

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