Interior Design


If you have an extra space under your stairs, don’t left it empty because you can use this space with something useful. For example, make a home office under the stairs. If your under the stairs’s home office have a tiny space, consider creating a built-in shelves to store your stuff. If you want a simple and beautiful appearance of your home office, choose classic design.

Rustic decor is always look good in every space of your house; kitchen, bathroom and even your living room. Rustic decor is popular because it gives you warm and toasty feeling to your space. For example, in your bathroom, add floating shelves above your toilet to display decorations; vintage mason jars, greenery and else. Or you can combine fresh or silk flowers with rustic metal pots,vases and trays for to your bathroom.

When you decided to remodel your home, make a plan ahead to prevent delays later and help keep you on a budget. Also make sure that you ate including the long-term-maintenance, energy-loss and repair expense in your calculations. When it comes to remodeling, there is no shortage of great design advice. Pamper yourself, for example, skip the whirlpool tub for your bathroom unless you are a fan o luxuriating in a bath on a regular basis.

Organization is the key of happiness in every home. One of the easiest way to help you with it is by using a storage cube. Storage cubes are available in several stores and are pretty cheap. For example, in bathroom, you can add storage cube to store your towel and bathroom supply. Or try to pack the cube into a rolling bar to organize your alcohol and display it with style.

Having a special place that we can escape to and connect with our own higher power is a must. It helps us to recharge the energy and keeps us balanced. Actually, you can do whatever you want in your space and you will be taking a courageous step in your spiritual development by creating a beautiful energy-space in your home. Follow these tips to create a beautiful sacred space at home.

If you are decided to make a breakfast nook, yours should always be cozy and inviting. There is no need to make it bigger, all you need to do is just enhance its quaintness. Breakfast nook is a great place to read newspaper, watching your kids plays out in the backyard as you enjoy your tea or even curl up with your favorite book and spend the afternoon nestled away from the rest of your space. Read these tips and put them to good use of your own breakfast nook.

For the nursery room for your baby, make sure that everything that you need is easy to reach; diapers, changing table clovers, wipes, laundry hamper, poop bucket and else. Also avoid clutter and make sure that you have a lot of functional storage space to tuck things when you are done using them easily. Consider to use washable wallpaper for your wall. Make sure that the lighting in your space can mimic nighttime anytime by having a curtain or window shade to fake the dark when it is time for a nap during the day.

To make a great command center, first of all, find the right spot that everyone passes through is the most effective zone; a corner kitchen, a nook in a hallway, or a centrally located home office. Make shelves, but if you don’t have built-ins, just use an armoire or a bookcase. Determine what belongs here and what does not to keep these areas from becoming an unloading zone. Keep the bills, sports schedules, medical records, school papers with short-term relevance and keep away the backpacks, 3-D art projects, magazines and newspaper.

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