Interior Design


Industrial style is one of everyone’s favorite design style for its ability to achieve aesthetic balance with a blend of exposed steel and also a rustic wood. This style is simultaneously organic and engineered, bold and refined, masculine and feminine. If you’ve been admiring the urban loft and barn conversion, take a look at these 10 guide to design your space into an industrial style below.

Laundry room is a room with so many stuff there, so you need extra care to make it clean and organized. Organize all your cleaning supplies in a carry-all caddy that is ideal for wire shelves to prevent the bottle from tipping over or store them in an open-top storage container. If your laundry room is too small, go vertical to dry the clothes. Install a retractable clothesline or buy a freestanding drying rack.

If you have an extra space under your stairs, don’t left it empty because you can use this space with something useful. For example, make a home office under the stairs. If your under the stairs’s home office have a tiny space, consider creating a built-in shelves to store your stuff. If you want a simple and beautiful appearance of your home office, choose classic design.

Rustic decor is always look good in every space of your house; kitchen, bathroom and even your living room. Rustic decor is popular because it gives you warm and toasty feeling to your space. For example, in your bathroom, add floating shelves above your toilet to display decorations; vintage mason jars, greenery and else. Or you can combine fresh or silk flowers with rustic metal pots,vases and trays for to your bathroom.

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