33 Lovely Cinderblock Mosaic Succulent Planter Ideas

33 Lovely Cinderblock Mosaic Succulent Planter Ideas

Planting succulent is pretty straightforward. There are few things that will help ensure your succulent grow healthy. To keep your succulent stay healthy, your succulent needs to sit above the rim of the pot. If the soil is below the rim of the pot, water can easily pool up and the leaves inside the pot will quickly rot from the water and that can cause problems for the rest of the plant. Continue Reading

46 Adorable Copper Tree Fountain

46 Adorable Copper Tree Fountain

Copper fountain trees bring together art, metal and water exactly where they belong at your home. It create a  striking visual both during the day and at night as water dances from leaf to leaf all while lights capture the shimmering droplets of water. The medium size of a copper tree fountain means that you can build and enjoy a beautiful fountain anywhere in your yard front or back. And these are great on patios and decks too. Continue Reading

44 Beautiful Automatic Driveway Gate Ideas

Beautiful Automatic Driveway Gate Ideas (34)

Here are some tips for a better automatic driveway gate installation for you to consider. When selecting the spot for your gate, opt for a place that allows your vehicle to leave the roadway while waiting for the gate to open and be sure to envision your gate fully open. Look for any object that might obstruct the path including some uneven ground or driveway slope. Don’t forget to measure the distance between your posts before setting the gate at least a few time using some white flour to mark the spot. Continue Reading

38 Awesome Above-ground Outdoor Pool Ideas

Above-ground swimming pools range from economical models to more luxurious and expensive styles. Many of it can be enjoyed throughout, the year, and some use saltwater system which are popular with in-ground models. It also options for solar heating systems and energy efficient covers. Build a decking surround for your above-ground pool is a clever way to give your pool a feeling of more permanence and easier accessibility. Continue Reading

39 Unique Small Storage Shed Ideas for Your Own Garden

If you have a lot of stuff in your home, probably you will love to see these outdoor storage ideas below. Outdoor storage seems like it is always an issue. Either there is never enough of it or there is no good way to store your tools, outdoor cookware, cushions, and others. It is a problem with hundred solutions and you should pick one that is the best for your space. Continue Reading

45 Best Pergola Design Ideas That You Want to Copy Right Now

Keep these pointers in mind for optimal design solutions when choosing a space for your pergola. A seat placed beneath the lower side of the pitched-roof pergola faces the garden and it is more usual horizontal overhead beams increases the sense that what lies ahead is important. It is good when neighboring houses or utility items behind are secondary. Make an arch in perfect scale; rose-covered arch is simply and perfectly proportioned. Continue Reading

47 Creative Pergola Design Ideas to Copy Right Now

Creative Pergola Design Ideas to Copy Right Now 05

If you ever wondered to build pergola, here is a step-by-step guide on how you can build your own. Make sure that you have a space for a pergola; pick a spot in your outdoor space that would look great with a pergola and provide enough room outside of it. Figure out which one would look best in your space and that you like the most. Pay attention to rafter beam shape and the curve of the roof. Continue Reading

47 Incredible Pool Design Ideas for Your Backyard

Incredible Pool Design Ideas for Your Backyard 35

The easiest decision to make with a new backyard pool is whether you want an in-ground or above-ground pool. Most homeowners are already familiar with the added luxury and capability of an in-ground pool and it is not surprising to most homeowners that the average cost of it is substantially higher depends on the construction material. They said, a high-quality in-ground is also likely to increase the value of your home in a way a basic above-ground pool never could. Continue Reading