Christmas is about spending time with family and friends to decorate your house beautifully and enjoying loads of fun and frolic. While many people are trying so hard to decorate the entryway, living room and also kitchen, the bedroom seems to go unnoticed. Change your boring bedroom by decorating your bedroom with some cozy Christmas decoration. Add magical aura all around you and wake up feeling a lot more ‘Christmassy’ by transforming the ambiance of your bedroom with dazzling Christmas decorations.

Many of us are dreaming about having a giant closet.  Something about seeing shoes and clothes hung up and laid out neatly in a space where they have the room to breathe is soothing to you. Most of closets are unpleasant, cramped, windowless affairs so many people often chosen to turn an under-utilized room in their space into a walk-in closet or a boudoir. A boudoir is a private space to retreat, to be surrounded by lovely things and to prepare oneself to go out into the world.

Here are some colorful bedrooms that will make you wake up happier to start the day. Sleep amongst the beauty of nature is the main idea in the blossoming bedroom; floral fabrics, spring greens and rosy pinks give your bedroom a garden feel. Choose greens, blues, browns and a splash of orange to design the eclectic teenage girl’s bedroom that is tired of pink. The bright colors and bold patterns are well balanced and make the room feel girly and fun but not too fussy.

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