Another way to beautify your bedroom space is by adding rug. But consider not to choose a rug that is too small because it will make your space look smaller. Do not be afraid to layering the rug, or if your space is long and narrow but your rug is too small for your space, laying two rugs side by side is also great. If your floor has carpet, it is also okay to layer the carpet with rug.
When decorating your space, choosing the rug first because rug will make a big impact to overall look of your space. Don’t be afraid to play with the pattern, because plain color is so boring. Never skip the rug pad because it will dispels slipping and sliding.

To add depth and dimension to your tiny bedroom, use mirror because it can add lots of visual interest. To solve your storage solution, take advantage of every inch of wasted space such as under bed storage. Save even more space by filling your containers with items sealed in vacuum space bags. Antique dough bowls, large baskets, plastic bins or even rolling drawers will create an easy-to-use extra storage under your bed.

Here are some bedroom decoration tips for you to style your space. Layering is the key to a beautiful bed to give your space an instantly glamorous upgrade and you can feel cozy in the wintertime. Give yourself options by adding a dimmer, a bedside lamp for your bedroom and opt it for several fixtures throughout the room. If you want to add an artwork to your space, choose something that inspires and delights you.

 Bed is the vital one because you spend a third of your life in it that you also spend plenty of time choosing the right one. The wrong one can lead to sore muscles, bad backs and lack of sleep. All you need to do is by visiting a few different stores that allows you to try out different styles, shapes and designs to suit your room and your need. Try the bed before buying it because you need to be really comfortable with your decision.

Christmas is about spending time with family and friends to decorate your house beautifully and enjoying loads of fun and frolic. While many people are trying so hard to decorate the entryway, living room and also kitchen, the bedroom seems to go unnoticed. Change your boring bedroom by decorating your bedroom with some cozy Christmas decoration. Add magical aura all around you and wake up feeling a lot more ‘Christmassy’ by transforming the ambiance of your bedroom with dazzling Christmas decorations.

Many of us are dreaming about having a giant closet.  Something about seeing shoes and clothes hung up and laid out neatly in a space where they have the room to breathe is soothing to you. Most of closets are unpleasant, cramped, windowless affairs so many people often chosen to turn an under-utilized room in their space into a walk-in closet or a boudoir. A boudoir is a private space to retreat, to be surrounded by lovely things and to prepare oneself to go out into the world.

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