Dennis Oxford


having a bridal shower is can be very stressful to coordinate many things, but it is such an honor to do for the bride to be. For the theme, take advantage of the bride’s chosen wedding colors and use it as your bridal shower too. Hosting a bridal shower sometimes can roe your bank account, if it’s possible, ask your guest to bring a dish, so you only need to provide them the cocktails and the decor. To make the show run smoothly even some of your guest not knows one another, prepare a fun game that is also a fun way to break up the shower and make the bride feel special.

Natural stones industry offer abundant options for kitchen; granite, marble, slate,quartz and else. But there are two things to consider when making a decision for your kitchen using natural stones; the look and durability. It is because not all types of natural stones are suitable for every application. So you have to know which one is the best for your kitchen based on some point that you should consider.

Rustic decor is always look good in every space of your house; kitchen, bathroom and even your living room. Rustic decor is popular because it gives you warm and toasty feeling to your space. For example, in your bathroom, add floating shelves above your toilet to display decorations; vintage mason jars, greenery and else. Or you can combine fresh or silk flowers with rustic metal pots,vases and trays for to your bathroom.

To make your space feel spacious, try to paint or give your ceiling a wallpaper because anything that draws the eye upwards makes a room feel bigger. Use light colors on the walls and the floor to make the room feel airy. Darker colors make your space seem cozy and absorb light instead of reflecting it and it makes your space feel smaller.  To create the illusion of spaciousness, pull furniture away from the wall.

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