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Instead of separating your space, room divider can provide a new look to your space. It can add texture or serves as pieces of art. You can make a plain screen or paint the screen to match the decor of your space and add some family photo and memorabilia in it to add texture to this home divider. Or attach two sets of louvered folding closet door with hinges for a simple room separator.

Kitchen backsplash is one of the way for you to add your personality pieces to your space. And you need to think about it carefully because of the tile that you choose for your backsplash is the one that you need to spruce up your wall space between the countertop and cabinets and above the range. It should showcase the color scheme and the theme of your kitchen. You need to be creative because backsplash is the focal point of your space.

Decorating porch is can be as complicated or simple as you want, and you can spend less or even thousands of dollars to make a good porch garden for your own. The right porch garden for every porch is different, it depends on the space, light and exposure and else. But the good news is that there are many beautiful plants that can go in almost conditions. So, what you need to do is figure out your environment before planning on your porch garden.

Stone pathway is an inexpensive way to give your outdoor space a distinctive look and feeling. And if you built the stone pathway well, it will last forever. Stone pathway can be created as a leading from your driveway to your front door or even on the side and back of your home as well, depend on how your house and land are configured. The more land you have, the more stone pathways you can create.

Planting succulent is pretty straightforward. There are few things that will help ensure your succulent grow healthy. To keep your succulent stay healthy, your succulent needs to sit above the rim of the pot. If the soil is below the rim of the pot, water can easily pool up and the leaves inside the pot will quickly rot from the water and that can cause problems for the rest of the plant.

For the nursery room for your baby, make sure that everything that you need is easy to reach; diapers, changing table clovers, wipes, laundry hamper, poop bucket and else. Also avoid clutter and make sure that you have a lot of functional storage space to tuck things when you are done using them easily. Consider to use washable wallpaper for your wall. Make sure that the lighting in your space can mimic nighttime anytime by having a curtain or window shade to fake the dark when it is time for a nap during the day.

Conserving water does not mean that you have to live with a dry and neglected garden. Low-water garden is smart, in vogue and gorgeous. You can try to replace your grass with artificial grass and there are a lot of realistic artificial grass options with varying amounts of multicolored hatch. Or replace the grass with gravel and stone to give your garden a contemporary, minimalist look.

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