If you like to travel, it will be nice to see it in your home. Space inspired travel not only beautiful but will bring the adventurer inside you. We have 14 DIY using maps that you can create. This is a perfect way to recycle your map of your journey and create handmade mementos to remember the fun you have. Do not underestimate the power and flexibility of maps in these projects, in fact I do not think some of them are possible.

Glass Coaster

Old Map 1b

This is a great DIY coaster idea for people who want to travel a lot. Personalize it to whatever country or state you want.

Wrapping Paper

Old Map 2b

This is the easiest way for you to take advantage of your old maps. Now you no longer spend money to buy wrapping paper

Gift Bow

Old Map 4b

Besides using as gift wrapper, old maps can also be created as gift bow. Not only beautiful, it also gives a personal touch to your gift.

Serving Tray

Old Map 3b

A boring tray is spiffed up with the addition of a map. Glue the map onto the surface and give it a coat of clear water-based varnish for protection.

Glass Plate

Old Map 5b

Bring style and distinction to your den and family room by creating these on-of-a-kind map plates. All you need is a smooth surfaced glass plate, map, Mod Podge and some clear coat spray.


Old Map 6b

You do not have to worry about the withered bouquet. This roses not only an addition to beautify the look of your home, but also as a reminder of “the fragrance” of your trip


Old Map 7b

Turning a map into a keychain is a fancy way to lock your memory of the joys of your journey

Map Letter

Old Map 8b

Show your favorite cities and create some cute wall art with these map-wrapped letters. You can spell anything that you like.

Lamp Shade

Old Map 9b

A smooth but boring lampshade can undergo a total makeover with the help of an old map.


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