10 Best Bathroom Decor Ideas to Inspire You

Beach makes us feel fresh and calm. Bringing the atmosphere of beach inside the house will relax our mind. Moreover, applying beach for bathroom is brilliant idea due to the relation of these two places with water. When you want to feel like washing body at the beach in your bathroom, pay attention to these beach style bathroom that will inspire you;

Water-Inspired Art

Water-Inspired ArtBeach deals with water. So, hanging a sophisticated ocean art will become the vocal interest of your bathroom. Try this to your bathroom and see how your bathroom will dramatically look like a beach.

Maritime Wallpaper

Maritime WallpaperMaritime wallpaper makes you easy to bring beach into your bathroom. This is a simple design but create beach effect that looks comfortable. Pay attention to the lamps which also bring more sensational beach style.

Ocean Blue Mosaic

Ocean Blue MosaicBlue-hued mosaic also bring ocean into your bathroom. Enjoy your time at bathroom with this natural design. Imagine you are in a beach and see the sparkling water around you. It is amazing, right?

Glass Walls

Glass WallsHow lucky you are! Build a house near the beach is almost the dream of anyone in this universe. Just build a bathroom with glass walls to add beach atmosphere to you. It seems like you wash your body with sea water.

Sun Roof Shower

Sun Roof ShowerUsing a glass sunroof and window to create an illusion of take a bath outdoor will make you feel like in a beach. Choose neutral color just like grey, brown, or white to help you imitate the atmosphere of sun bathing at the beach.

 Shaded And Zen

Shaded And ZenAdd a sense of tropical serenity by applying bamboo shades for your bathroom. It doesn’t need more budget to create this beautiful view. Give some flowers to let it look natural and fresh just like in a beach.

Pebbled Shower

Pebbled ShowerPebbles are the best material to make beach illusion for your bathroom. Pay attention to choose the bright color of pebble such as white to bring your mind seeing sand at your bathroom. Pebbles can be applied for ceiling, flooring, and wall.

Modern and Serene

Modern and SereneThough you live in a big city that is far from the ocean, you can imitate the atmosphere by building a modern and serene bathroom. It deals with wood and glass as the material which are neutral to be applied in any house style.

Bathroom Seating Area

Bathroom Seating AreaCreating bathroom seating area for an extra space of bathroom will be delightful. How about this style? The pool outside looks like a beach, doesn’t it? Just do it for your bathroom and enjoy the view. Even, it looks great at night.

Rustic Glam

Rustic Glam

Crystal chandelier at this washroom works brilliant with wooden ceiling. It comes with the view of beach live with natural beauty. Sleek white wall also add the visual interest of this tropical bathroom style.





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