9 Curb Appeal Secrets That Will Add Charm to Your Home
9 Curb Appeal Secrets That Will Add Charm to Your Home

The impression that a home gives out starts right at the exterior. The exterior of a home tells a lot of tales about the interior. And this can be taken to benefit if we have to sell or rent out a home. There are big and small ways to enhance the curb appeal of a house depending upon your budget. From as small detail as a house number to as big as a pergola, we have gathered 9 ideas for your inspiration. Check this out.

1. Add Planters

Add Planters

Plant evergreen fillers, then add in annuals that will bloom across the seasons for an extra charming look of your garden.

2. Let the Architecture Shine

Let the Architecture Shine

Don’t let too many plants or overgrown landscaping take the spotlight off your actual home. Just let the architecture of your house shine.

3. Surround Your Home with Greenery

Surround Your Home with Greenery

Surround your home with greenery, so feels like it’s in the middle of a mini forest, thanks to lots of trees and full shrubs.

4. Wreath


Nothing says “welcome” like a pretty seasonal wreath on your front door.

5. Colorful Door

Colorful Door

Painting the front door does not cost a lot and it is easy to repaint if you get tired of the color.

6. Lovely Path

Lovely Path

A curved walkway made with well-worn pavers offers your home some unique flair.

7. Charming Fence

Charming Fence

Create a charming fence with a wooden picket fence or a wrought iron fence for a more stately home.

8. Porch Swing

Porch Swing

Nothing shows off your laid-back vibes better than a porch swing filled with cozy cushions.

9. Fresh Coat of Paint

Fresh Coat of Paint

The owner of this house this house underwent an extensive structural and aesthetic to-do list to uncover a beautiful, character-rich home filled with carefully chosen antiques.


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