Pumpkin is the perfect thing to decorate your home this fall. You can make an arrangement of natural or faux pumpkin. The traditional variant is a piece of pumpkin in it as a vase and a flower of your choice. Or give a contemporary touch with a white pumpkin that will give a romantic rustic impression.

Pumpkin Jar

pumpkin 1

The top of the pumpkin that is placed on the flower makes this arrangement like a jar of pumpkin with bursting filling. The use of green colors gives a fresh impression on this overall look.

In The Water

pumpkin 2

Not always a flower arrangement using a pumpkin as its vase. Mini pumpkins can also be placed in a glass vase to give contrast.

Natural Look

pumpkin 4

Dried wheat stems and faux flowers in beige and brown tones could be perfect additions to a subtle, natural looking fall centerpiece.

Faux White Pumpkin

pumpkin 5

This lovely neutral toned white pumpkin centerpiece is very versatile, it could be placed in almost any room (not just on the table). It gives an elegant look in your room.

Flower Crown

pumpkin 6

This floral arrangement makes pumpkin seem like wearing flower crown. You just need to cut a band of holes at different heights and about 1 inch apart around the middle of the pumpkin with a small sharp knife and some colorful chrysanthemum flowers.

Green Pumpkin

pumpkin 8

Unripe pumpkins are also can be used to create an arrangement. The green color of it gives a fresh tone on the arrangement.

Pumpkin Basket

pumpkin 7

Pumpkin baskets are a great place to put candles, flowers and leafage.

Mini Pumpkin

pumpkin 3

You will be surprised at how versatile the pumpkin is. This is a great way to create a personalized flower arrangement for your thanksgiving dinner table.


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