8 Key Features Of a Luxury Living Room Decor
8 Key Features Of a Luxury Living Room Decor

In home decor, luxury is translated into a series of design choices focused on certain particular styles, color palettes, furniture arrangements, etc. And  for the living room, luxury may feature a selection of rich textures and a particular set of materials and finishes which are less common than others. It’s usually very easy to distinguish a luxury living room decor from one that’s more modest and common. Check out some key features of a luxury living room decor below to inspire you.

1. One Focal Point

One Focal Point

To give your space a luxurious look, all it takes is a single, well-chosen and well-placed piece of furniture or decoration as a focal point of your space; a grand piano.

2. Wall Art

Wall Art

Send a powerful or meaningful message in terms of style and ambiance by adding a luxury wall art for your living room.

3. Aristocratic Look

Aristocratic Look

If you want your living space look luxurious, choose an aristocratic look for the overall choice of your living room style.

4. Vintage Style

Vintage Style

Give your living room a retro or vintage vibe. Retro or vintage style is a good candidate to get a luxury vibe. You’d be able to ascertain that by observing the main pieces of furniture as well as the ornaments.

5. Focus on Classical and Timeless Furniture

Focus on Classical and Timeless Furniture

Many luxury living room interior would be focused on classical and timeless pieces of furniture and decorations with a predisposition towards something with an aristocratic or royal allure and a certain amount of detailing.

6. Simplicity


Simplicity is also can be a sign of luxury. All you need to do is adding the richness of your living room decor by choosing the right selection of color tones, textures and finishes.

7. Lighting


Consider the lighting of the living room.  Instead of a singular ceiling light a luxury living room might feature a variety of fixtures each with a special role; chandelier, modern lamp, etc.

8. Gold


When decorating a space with a luxury theme, gold color is always become the first choice. It consist of the look of richness, opulence and glamour.


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