8 Best DIY Beach House Decor Ideas to Make
8 Best DIY Beach House Decor Ideas to Make

Having a beach house decor is something that you should consider. It will make you feel relax and feels like you are on a holiday. There is tables, mirrors, wall art, candles, wreaths, and much more beach themes stuff. And you are into a DIY thing, check out these 8 best DIY beach house decor ideas to make and a cute beach house theme is in your hand.

1. Seashore Windchimes

Seashore Windchimes

Add a positive energy into your home with this seashore windchime to hang near the back door and used driftwood and seashells.  And of course some buttons and sparkly beads.

2. Coastal Lobster Art

Coastal Lobster Art

All you need is just took out the old pictures that were in the frames and replace it with beach-themed scrapped book such as this lobster or you can simply print it the picture and they are ready to fill your blank wall space.

3. Seashell Wall Art

Seashell Wall Art

Paint your wall frame, add a old cane and hot glue your frame size piece of cane into the back of your frame. Position your seashell, glue it, hang your new coastal seashell wall art and admire how talented and thrifty you are.

4. Coastal Pallet Art

Coastal Pallet Art

Spruce up your space with this coastal pallet art. Tied the pallet using rope by just wrapping and knotting, drilled a couple shims on the back for stability then added a string on the back to hang it, flipped it over and attached the seashell.

5. Driftwood Sailboat Decor

Driftwood Sailboat Decor

Attach the driftwood to the board, drilled a hole into the top center of the driftwood and put the dowel at the hole and make the sails from drop cloth or from your old curtain.

6. Seashell Table

Seashell Table

Just glue the seashell at the side of your table, and your seashell table is ready to become the focal point of your space.

7. Coastal Rope Mirror

Coastal Rope Mirror

Transform your boring mirror with rope, seashell, and starfish to get this coastal rope mirror.

8. Driftwood Anchor

Driftwood Anchor

Collect a variety of driftwood, create a pattern in the shape that you like and transferred it to a thin piece of plywood, laid out the driftwood pieces and glued them to the plywood and your beach-themed decor is ready to beautify your space.


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