10 Cozy Home Library Design Ideas to Copy at Your House

For you who are a book lover, designing home library may be the most important thing to do. This room will the best spot to spend your free time. Displaying your books collection may become one of your dreams. Here are home library design ideas to follow;

A Classic Bookcase with an Artful Twist

A Classic Bookcase with an Artful TwistArranging your book on classic bookcase may be boring, but it will be great when you add artful twist. Just organize your books in different style at each drawer and see how artistic they are. Get your book be more charming at this way.

Custom and Classic Built-In Bookcases

Custom and Classic Built-In BookcasesAdd some crystals and chandeliers at your bookcase will make it looks brilliant. Arrange some books based on each genre will help you to find it easily some day. White color makes it bright and attracts your eyes.

A Traditional Mahogany-Paneled Study

A Traditional Mahogany-Paneled StudyIt seems like you are in a home library of middle age house style. Look at the red color which shows the beauty of a kingdom library as well. Have this amazing home library brings you to an imagination of living in a classic period.

A Library with a View

A Library with a ViewImagine you are in place with thousands books arranged well in bookcases. Cool, isn’t it? Let yourself enjoy reading book with a simple view of plants. It will help you to feel relax and get fresh mind to read each chapter of your book.

A Modern Display of Antique Books

A Modern Display of Antique BooksDisplaying your books in a bookcase under the stair will create modern look. It seems catchier for a modern house style. Come and sit, enjoy reading your book.

Collected Display

Collected DisplayIt seems like you are in front of a best seller bookcase at your favorite book store. You can see your favorite book arranged well in its place. By a brilliant lighting, this bookcase will be one of your favorite spot.

Double Height Penthouse Library

Double Height Penthouse LibraryHere we are in a vintage home library for a cozy reading time. Wooden based bookcase save all books and display them beautifully. You can add industrial pendant light to add visual interest.

Soaring Wood Shelves

Soaring Wood ShelvesDisplay hundreds books with this soaring wood shelves in your home library. Feel free to add sofas or even bed to make this room more comfortable. Wooden shelves always look incredible to save any books you have.

Library With Double Door

library with Double DoorGet your home library feel extra cozy by adding a fire pit and sofa. Your children will enjoy their time of reading even at winter. A place for all family members spends quality time together with benefit activities.

Tropical Take on Tradition

Tropical Take on TraditionA tropical shelves style will keep you feel warm at winter while enjoy reading your favorite book. This design looks amazing for any house style. Unique chairs help you to add aesthetic value for this brilliantly.





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