9 Easy Ways To Make Your Apartment So Freaking Cozy
9 Easy Ways To Make Your Apartment So Freaking Cozy

Having a cozy place is everyone’s dream. It is so good to relax at your own cozy space after your hectic activities. And having a cozy space for your apartment is no longer difficult to realized. All you need is to follow these 9 easy ways to make your apartment so freaking cozy without spending much money.

1. Display your Blanket

Display your Blanket

Just show off your already blanket  in a basket or on a decorative ladder you already have. More blankets means more coziness.

2. Layer Up your Bedding

Layer Up your Bedding

What’s better than two pillows? Four pillows.

3. Colorful Rug

Colorful Rug

Warm up your flooring with colorful rug. You can also make it by yourself from your old shirt. Zero waste!

4. Treasured Photos

Treasured Photos

Use string and clothespins to hang up your black and white treasured photos. This is (also) a great ways to beautify your boring empty wall space.

5.  Candles


Gather all of your candles on your table and burn them all together for a ‘fireplace glow’. 

6. String Lights

String Lights

Pull your white holiday lights out of storage to get a cozy and romantic feel to your space.

7. Reading Corner

Reading Corner

Grab a chair, a pillow, and a table from elsewhere in your space and make a cozy reading corner.

8. Adding Lamps

Adding Lamps

Lower light means cozier light, so use lamps instead of bright overhead lights.

9. Upgrade your Cover Pillow

Upgrade your Cover Pillow

Give your old sweater a new life by using it as your new pillow cover and pile them on your chairs, couch, or bed. 


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