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Living in a small house is a lifestyle that is identical with urban people’s life in a city. Talking about small house, you may imagine about the narrow space and how to function the space maximally. To get a good interior design, it is important to consider about the layout of furniture, utilization of a space, the style and so on. Today, we’ve prepared some pictures and ideas that may inspire you in designing a small house to be a nice and comfortable dwelling. Let’s find the ideas below!

  1. Open Plan

1. Open Plan
Source : BTN Properti

In creating a wide space in your small home, avoid separating each room by using a divider or non-structural wall. For example, you can combine the living room with the dine. In order to make the space looks more spacious, apply the harmonious hue between the furniture of the living room and the dining table.

  1. Loft Style

2. Loft Style
Source : Brockman-more

It’s important to consider the choice of an apartment or house with a loft style type. It is useful for the air circulation, and also to create the space looks wider. You can add a pendant lamp and some unique decorations to make the space  eye catching.

  1. Cozy Corner

3. Cozy Corner
Source : Villazbeats

One of the keys in creating a nice living room is the comfortable sofa. You can provide one or more pillowy sofa to create a cozy corner to enjoy family time.

  1. Double Function

4. Double Function
Source : AVSO

Using a room in double function is a smart way to make your small home to be more effective. For example, an used room can be a guest room and home office. You need to provide a sofa bed that can be functionally as a sofa and also for sleep.

  1. Smart Design

5. Smart Design_resize
Source : Swissmarket

Small space doesn’t mean you can’t create the detail. Especially for toddler’s bedroom you can make a build in shelf with unique design to store their toys, animals, books,etc. It can be functioned as storage and a decoration as well.

  1. Simple Bathroom

6. Simple Bathroom_resize
Source : Greek-hotel. Biz

The design of a simple becomes an idea for a narrow space. Just attach a wide mirror on one or two sides of the wall. Be sure to choose the simple shower, sink and closet to get the impression of the room becomes more spacious.

  1. Simple Furniture

7. Simple Furniture_resize
Source : Home-deco mastery

Color selection and simple furniture design is also important to make a small house feel spacious.

  1. Giant Mirror

8. Giant Mirror_resize
Source : Pinterest

The existence of a mirror in a room benefits to create an illusion of wide space. You can place it on the strategic wall to have a wide space impression.


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