Our gardens and backyards are there for us to feel comfortable in, and for relaxation. One of summer’s great pleasures is lazing in a hammock, just sleeping, reading, or doing nothing at all. After all, who doesn’t enjoy being rocked to sleep by the natural breeze? Take a look through these 8 hanging furniture ideas, and decide for yourself what will work best for you and your home!

Wooden Stand

hammocks 2
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Not having  big trees do not mean you can not have hammock. The best solution is having wooden stand with a rope hammock.

Pond Hammocks

hammocks 4
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If you have a pond then it would be a shame not to enjoy it from a cozy hammock. Just find a way to hang it there, either above the pond or close to it.

Lush Green

hammocks 6
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Surround yourself with greenery and relax with this hammock. We love the idea of mounting a stepping stone that stops under the hammock. It’s like a particular road to a relaxing place.

Rainbow Hammock

hammocks 9
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This colorful hammock is suspended from two sturdy tree. It is a best way to spark your summer spirit in colors

Family Getaway

hammocks 11
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Bring your family to relax together in the backyard while enjoy the lemonade. It’s also a good idea to entertain your friends while holding a bonfire around hammock.

Drop Cloth Hammock

hammocks 10
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This is a pretty classic design, so if you are looking for something simple and relatively unobtrusive, then it would be perfect.

Boho Hammock

hammocks 13
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Boho trends never fade, bring one of them to your home. A macrame hammock with ethnic cushions is a comfortable way to spend a gypsy summer.

Wood Log Hammock

hammocks 14
Source : Pinterest

This unusual hammock is made out of warped wooden logs and may not be the best place for sleeping, but is certainly fun to swing in.


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