10 Green Living Room Ideas for Creating Dramatic Look

Most of people love green, especially for home color. This color is great for a living room as well to be looked natural, fresh, and relax. Green works amazing with any color in one harmony. So, applying green for a living room is better decision.  You can adopt one these green living room ideas;

Color Block with Millennial Pink

Color block with Millennial pinkBe brave to mix and match color for your living room. Here you can apply dark sage green wall which is in contrast with Millennial pink for corner sofa and a bright yellow armchair. They work together in one harmony to create an awesome living room.

Layer Green on Green

Layer green on greenDon’t be afraid to apply green of wall which has the same tone as cabinet. It creates vintage view of a beautiful green living room. Feel free to put sofa with different color such as pink, yellow, or even red.

Invigorate Your Space with Spearmint and Denim

Invigorate your space with spearmint and denimGreen mint actually becomes one of the best colors for your living room. It works well with denim blue or slate grey sofa. Make it more dramatic by applying navy blue and soft purple.

Explore the Palette of an English Country Garden

Explore the palette of an English country gardenApplying green flower wall give your living room a fantastic look. Green carpet gives more statement as the key concept of this living room. Make it more valuable with pink sofa on your living room.

Keep Things Fresh With Lichen and Limestone

Keep things fresh with lichen and limestonePale green and soft beige looks natural for your living room. Apply textural and botanical print works well to create harmony for a living room. Then, shot of white bright avoid being murky.

Combine Teal Green and Tobacco

Combine teal green and tobaccoHave teal green for living room wall create confident look that also classy. This style will be great for a cozy living room to face winter. When summer comes, this room looks cool and shady.

Bring the Outdoors

Bring the outdoorsGreen sofa comes with natural view along with some vertical hanging planters on the wall. This color works well together with white for a larger room. This is a simple style but looks amazing for any season.

Try Deep Green with Copper

Try deep green with copperForest green bring a living room to a more luxurious look. Living room in green takes this to a warmer atmosphere. It’s good for modern house style.

Encapsulate Relaxed Country Style

Encapsulate relaxed country styleBranch print wallpaper in green take your living room to a more classic style. Natural wood, tartan, and armchair bring your living room into a country style with its own interest. This 1880’s style is good to be implemented for living room style this era.

Mellow Out With Forest Green

Mellow out with forest greenAgain! Forest green plays its best role for a classic home style. Get this relaxing room for your house for a better feeling. Adding some grey flannel make living room more stunning.







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