9 Ideas to Decorate your Kitchen with Yellow Color
9 Ideas to Decorate your Kitchen with Yellow Color

Yellow is the universal color. It can work with different design styles, from retro to farmhouse and even preppy traditional. Decorating your kitchen with yellow color does not mean that you have to paint the room with yellow. You can incorporate this color by selecting accent pieces and finding playful furnishings without going overboard. Now check out these 9 ideas to decorate your kitchen with yellow color below to inspire you.

1. Yellow Bar stools

Yellow Barstools

This modern yellow bar stools are the perfect playful pop and it will look great with a neutral kitchen.

2. Mismatched Dining Chairs

Mismatched Dining Chairs

Small pops of color do make a major impact. If you are going for an ultra-modern look for your kitchen, pick yellow color just like in the picture above.

3. Accents


Make a simple accents for your space; a yellow refrigerator, yellow dishware, and etc. The simple yellow accents in your kitchen will make a bright and positive impact to your space.

4. Set of Pastel Yellow Dining Chairs

Set of Pastel Yellow Dining Chairs

Even if it’s only a touch of yellow, this color is always bring a bit of sunshine to your space. A dining chairs with a soft hues of yellow enhance the mint green walls and botanical already in the space.

5. Yellow Paint

Yellow Paint

Choose one of the many different shades of yellow and paint your wall with it to make a bold statement.

6. Another Bar Stools

Another Bar Stools

Sprinkle yellow accent pieces throughout your kitchen to manifest these good vibes. Find yellow bar  stools, mugs, and containers to bring the theme together.

7. Yellow Art

Yellow Art

Invest in a bright piece of yellow statement art for your kitchen that is a great way to incorporate the color in a modern and new way.

8. Yellow Kitchen Aid

Yellow Kitchen Aid

Add a retro touch through your appliances with a pastel yellow fridge and mixer. This is an easy way to bridge traditional with modern look.

9. Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting

Bring yellow color into your kitchen with this gorgeous pendant lighting. You can also switch things up with modern pendants with clean lines for a more contemporary look.


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