Nowadays, Bohemian style is very popular. Its motifs and colors are exotic and full of art, that’s why it is very nice to be applied to fashion, jewelry, and for home design. Especially for home design, you can bring Bohemian style for your home in a simple and easy way by providing Bohemian rug, cushions, and so on. In this post, we’ve prepared some inspirations about modern and colorful Bohemian style that really nice for your home.

  1. Bohemian Touch for the Living Room

1. Living Room
Source : Brabbu

Wide room with plain floor and wall will feel more alive with the existence of colorful furniture and cushioned sofas with Bohemian touch.

  1. A Combination of Simplicity with Bohemian Style

2. Rug
Source : Pinterest

Leather sofas and a simple coffee table are really nice to combine with a rug in the living room. It’s recommended for you who love simplicity, but have a desire to give a Bohemian touch for your home.

  1. A Collection of Bohemian Cushions

3. Cushions
Source : Ryan Doherty

As mentioned before that you can bring Bohemian style in a simple and easy way for your home. You can set many Bohemian cushions on the sofa to have a nice Bohemian atmosphere.

  1. Bedding Set and Headboard

4. Bedding Set
Source : Homedit

No doubt that a bedroom is one of the rooms that important to embellish for aesthetic and comfort. In this case, Bohemian touch for your bedding set and headboard are best to have.

  1. Colorful Kitchen

5. Kitchen
Source : Pinterest

A combination of white cabinets and colorful Bohemian rug on the floor is very interesting to improve your kitchen.

  1. Modern Bohemian Style

6. Wall
Source : Elghorba

Having a perfect home design sometimes require totality. In this idea, the Bohemian touch is everywhere.

  1. Color Combination

7. Color Mix
Source : SuperHit Ideas

In creating a modern and colorful Bohemian style for your home, color combination is also important to be done. In this case, the addition of pop color is interesting to have best result. It can be seen that green sofa is so lovely to be combined with Bohemian color and style.

  1. Relaxing Bathroom

8. Bathroom
Source : Digsdigs

Greenery and spa is a perfect combination of having relaxed when you need peaceful time. Moreover, the existence of bohemian rug on the floor is really nice for your bathroom. Just steal this idea for your own and you’ll love it.



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