12 Ways to Makeover Your Vintage Treasures On a Budget
12 Ways to Makeover Your Vintage Treasures On a Budget

Many of us like to go to the flea market to find a treasure for your home. We can find many good stuff to bring it home in a cheaper price. But not all of it was in a good condition. That is why, we need to bring our creativity to make it look better and useful. To help you out, check out these 12 ways to makeover your vintage treasures that is on a budget below.

1. Doily Art

Doily Art

As we know, there are various doilies in an organic pattern nowadays. So let’s play with the doilies. Give your vintage frame a plexiglass with some doilies to fill your empty wall space into an artistic vintage art.

2.  Re-Covered Chair

Re-Covered Chair

Cover your chair seat cushion using a retro dish towel. Just unscrew the seat, cover the cushion with the towel and staple it on the underside of the seat to secure.

3. Tiers and Tiers

Tiers and Tiers

Just round up a few plates and goblets for a tiered serving tray using glass adhesive to secure the bottom of a goblet to underside of a dish. You can also paint the tray to add a pop of color.

4. Yardstick Coat rack

Yardstick Coatrack

Buy a plenty of yardsticks at a flea market and make a creative coat rack and shelf with it. Just cut the piece of plywood, cut it and attached yardstick pieces to it. Secured the coat hooks to the board and screwed the shelf on top of the board.

5. Crate Nightstand

Crate Nightstand

Be creative by using some crates into a full-fledged nightstand.

6. On a Roll

On a Roll

Repurpose the old dresser drawers as your new storage by attaching casters to the bottom of the drawers. This project is great option for you who need more storage. You can put it under the bed or other space.

7. Tiered Tins

Tiered Tins

Use this tiered tins to store your craft supplies or other in style. This is a great way to maximize your space by taking storage vertically.

8. Scarf Art

Scarf Art

Placing scarves inside the picture frames to fill your empty wall space.

9. Cart It Away

Cart It Away

Make a unique coffee table with an old chicken coop, casters and a sheet of glass. You can use the inside of the cage to display collectibles.

10. Garden Table

coffee table

Makeover your vintage plant stand by placing a for a vintage table. Consider to secure the glass using glass adhesive.

11. Mantel Headboard

Mantel Headboard

Turn your mantel into a mantel headboard for your bedroom. Fill it with an upholstered cushion for extra comfort, and you can use the top to display your stuff.

12. Pillow Sack

Pillow Sack

Many animal feed or dry goods came in colorful sacks. Turn the sack into a colorful pillow to decorate your living room.


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