10 Tips to Mastering Boho-Beachy Home Decor
10 Tips to Mastering Boho-Beachy Home Decor

The aim of boho style is to embrace your creativity using strong patterns and an eye-catching textiles. A boho beach home, for example, it is a casual retreat which offers complete serenity and relaxation. So, combining Boho and beach will promote a relaxing feeling to your space. Now check out 10 tips to  mastering Boho-beachy home decor below to inspire you.

1. In Print

In Print

A beach print does just that while serving as the perfect anchor to keep the rest of your space in tune with all the outdoor vibes.

2. Hanging Loose

Hanging Loose

A hanging seat for a look that will elevate your space and serves as the perfect post-sun recovery spot that will swap your traditional recliner.

3. Into the Blue

Into the Blue

Blue is a color that is symbolize the ocean. So, mimic ocean hues by accessorizing with many different shades of blue to your space.

4. White Out

White Out

Brighten a white bedroom oasis by using a monochromatic color scheme. You can  complement your space with a wicker basket and pretty plants.

5. Going With Greenery

Going With Greenery

Decorate your space with green-toned prints and fabrics to add a breath of fresh air to your space.

6. Surf’s Up

Surf's Up

Add a surfboard to your space as the most iconic shoreline accessory. Surfboard will transform your space into a sandy surf break that you have been dreaming about.

7. Combo Deal

Combo Deal

Combine contrasting prints, multi-colored palettes, and varying textures together to capture the sensation of a busy day in the sand.

8. Accessorize


Stock your shelves with full of bright, mismatched accessories to create a rustic look that can be swipe out when the season is changing.

9. Neutral Chic

Neutral Chic

Balance a basic chandelier against faux fur throws for a stylish mashup that takes on an innovative bohemian-chic vibe.

10. Browns + Bolds

Browns + Bolds

Try to integrate bold prints with brown accessories to create an equally compelling decorating scheme, all while keeping that same free-spirited muse in mind.


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