10 Headboard Ideas for you Who Love Colors
10 Headboard Ideas for you Who Love Colors

The headboard is a piece of furniture that is attached to the head of a bed. These days, headboard is used for aesthetic functions. There are various headboard designs that one can use as long as it looks appropriate for bedroom. But, many people tend to create or choose one that is unique and would suit to their needs. Check out these 10 headboard ideas for you who love colors below to inspire you.

1. Dark Blue Tufted Headboard 

Dark Blue Tufted Headboard

Dark blue color headboard is ideal choice and make the room what it is. It is perfect for you who wish to bring some color to your bedroom space but want to avoid defining it with something too vibrant.

2. Fabric Headboard

Fabric Headboard

If you are feel boring with your old headboard, all you need to do is replace the old one with your favorite fabric. Fabric is a simple material to work with, but will make a huge differences to your bedroom space.

3. Tribal Headboard

Tribal Headboard

Create a charming tribal headboard that is full of colors and holds immense power over the room. Also add tribal interior to your bedroom space to complement the overall look.

4. Vibrant Upholstered Headboard

Vibrant Upholstered Headboard

If your bedroom space needs a cheerful element that will stand out and be the focal point of the space, this vibrant upholstered headboard is the answer. The vibrant hues of turquoise, pink and gold create a very charming color palette that definitely reminds of oriental decor.

5. Red Upholstered Headboard

Red Upholstered Headboard

If you want to sleep like a royal family, this headboard is perfect for you. A headboard with its red and gray color palette represents order and nobility. And the golden nailhead trim contributes to the dignified look.

6. Vintage Floral Headboard

Vintage Floral Headboard

This vintage floral headboard is consist of soft colored furniture that always managed to look cheerful.

7. Colorful Decal Headboard 

Colorful Decal Headboard

Bring your favorite color into your bedroom space by making a colorful decal headboard.

8. Soft Green Headboard

Soft Green Headboard

If you are opting for a headboard with an old-fashioned look , this soft green headboard is the right one for you. This one is one of the best way to channel your classic vintage style.

9. Pastel Headboard

Pastel Headboard

Pastel hues are a marvelous choice for anyone who wishes for a colorful headboard but doesn’t want to overdo it.

10. Turquoise Headboard

Turquoise Headboard

This turquoise headboard is a total centerpiece in bedroom space that is full of neutral shades. The pattern gives the bedroom the energetic piece it needs.


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