10 Gorgeous Ideas to Style your Blank Wall with Creative Artwork
10 Gorgeous Ideas to Style your Blank Wall with Creative Artwork

Do not let your blank wall space go to waste. The possibilities are endless, and because of that, it’s difficult to narrow down the options. We thought we’d suggest a few ideas for you. Check out these 10 gorgeous ideas to style your blank wall with creative artwork below to inspire you.

1. Stylish Silhouettes

Stylish Silhouettes

These cutouts are backed with photocopied pages from an old cookbook, allowing them to blend easily with the kitchen’s country style. The pieces stand out against the wall with crisp black frames in varying widths and are arranged in a neat, balanced composition.

2. Attention Grabber

Attention Grabber

Add an oversize piece of artwork to grab everyone’s attention.

3. Botanical Prints

Botanical Prints

Upgrade your space by hanging this botanical prints to your wall space. All you need is a blank canvas, coat of spray paints and frisket.

4. Artsy Calendars

Artsy Calendars

Create an artsy calendar from a picture frame with a piece of scrapbook paper on the inside, and then adhere the calendar to the paper.

5. A Bit of Nature

A Bit of Nature

Bring the outdoor inside by making these small butterfly prints. The bright colors of the butterflies’ wings add a needed splash o color to your neutral space.

6. Laying the Plans

Laying the Plans

Search antique shops and flea markets for vintage landscape blueprints and frame it.

7. Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Buy a wood frame and customize them with some paints or even a botanical prints to display.

8. Small Space Decor

Small Space Decor

Decorating a small space is also possible nowadays. Hang a pair of floating shelves at staggering angles on a blank wall and fill them with various frames and pretty china patterns.

9. Quick Change

Quick Change

Hang a grouping of prints on walls with thumbtacks, which also lends a more casual vibe than standard framed prints.

10. Soothing Solution

Soothing Solution

Fill your empty wall space with a collection of small prints. Search for prints of similar sizes and arrange the frames in a grid pattern on the wall to create a cohesive composition.


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