10 Colorful Ways to Amp Up Your Front House
10 Colorful Ways to Amp Up Your Front House

First impression is something that you should consider, especially the first impression that you want to give in your front house for the visitors. Your front house’s style gives the visitors a preview of what is inside. Consider to add some fresh color or even unique style to it, so your visitors will feel welcome to come in.  Check out these 10 colorful ways to amp up your front house to inspire you below.

1. Floral Monogram Wreath

Floral Monogram Wreath

Give your door a sweet decoration only with some faux florals, whimsical ribbon and your initial name.

2. The Vinyl Company Hello Vinyl Decal

The Vinyl Company Hello Vinyl Decal

This handy decal is easy to apply. Or if you think that you are artsy enough, just paint the door on your own.

3. Coral Front Door

Coral Front Door

Update your door by paint them in a cheery color. Just wipe away the salt stains, mud and apply the paint.

4. DIY Wooden Doormat

DIY Wooden Doormat

This DIY project is surprisingly simple process but it will turned out beautifully. All you need is just a wood and paint.

5. DIY Brick Library

DIY Brick Library

Putting your book collection is bad idea. But how if we turn bricks into a book? Paint the bricks into a literary faves or give some fun titles to add some intrigue to your front house just like in the picture above. Clever!

6. DIY Monogram Planter

DIY Monogram Planter

Make a giant monogram planter with wood and fill it with your favorite annuals, succulents or an edible garden and hang them in front of your house. This DIY will take your planter game up a level.

7. DIY Turf Modern House Number

DIY Turf Modern House Number

This playful turf project makes your house number pop. So there is no more difficulty to find your home.

8. DIY Painted Floor Tiles

DIY Painted Floor Tiles

Perk up your plain walkway or stoop with this stencil project, so your concrete will never be the same again.

9. DIY Glass Storm Door Update

DIY Glass Storm Door Update

Give yourself some privacy and color at the same time with some window cling and an applicator to your door.

10. Anthropologie Spring Planter Hack

Anthropologie Spring Planter Hack

Update your planters with this creative project and all you need is just a chiffon fabric, Mod Podge, ceramic planter box, scissors and foam brush.


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