10 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen on a Budget
10 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen on a Budget

Kitchen is the heart of any home, no matter the size of the kitchen is. Many people think that once the cabinets ate installed and all the appliance are plugged in, the kitchen design is done, but actually, it is not. You also need to pay attention to the details. So let’s personalize your space with these on a budget decor below.

1. Painted Mason Jar

Painted Mason Jar

Bring your mason jar, paint them, and they are ready to keep your kitchen utensils and add a color to your space.

2. Veggie Roasting Guide

Veggie Roasting Guide

If your wall space is blank, this project is perfect for you. Print a veggie roasting guide (for example), frame it, and hang it on the wall to fill your empty wall space

3. Tea Towel

Tea Towel

Bring this printed tea towel to clean your hand and instantly beautify your kitchen space.

4. Garden in a Can

Garden in a Can

Make your own garden to your kitchen only with a can. With this can, you can plant your herbs and veggies straight from your kitchen corner.

5. Monogram Mug

Monogram Mug

Buying a monogram mug is not a crime. Instead of to serve your drink, it can be a gorgeous ways to beautify your kitchen.

6. Stone Canisters

Stone Canisters

Bring a little color and function to your kitchen with these brightly hued stone containers. Stone canisters are also perfect for storing tea, coffee, whatever!

7. Paint Chip Placemat

Paint Chip Placemats

Make mealtime or dinner parties feel fun and festive with these colorful, paint chip-inspired placemats.

8. Threshold Chalkboard Canister

Threshold Chalkboard Canister

These gold and white canisters will make any kitchen feel chic and also provide easy organization with chalkboard labels.

9. Painted Butter Dish

Painted Butter Dish

Add a cheerful touch to any tablescape or for your countertop with this pretty, floral-patterned butter dish.

10. Threshold Steel Food Storage Bowl

Threshold Steel Food Storage Bowl

This gorgeous bowl is perfect to keep fresh fruit handy for breakfast on the go or snacking throughout the day.


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