10 Adorable Ideas for Nautical Home Decor
10 Adorable Ideas for Nautical Home Decor

Summer is almost coming, so let’s bring coastal vibe to your home with these beautiful decor ideas. Even though your home is faraway by the sea, you still can have your own coastal vibe to your home with fresh pastel color palettes, natural textures such as weathered wood and a nautical accent below.

1. Setting Sun

Setting Sun

Paint your porch with red and pile up your cushion and enjoy your time while drink and iced during the hot summer.

2. Cool Blue Kitchen

Cool Blue Kitchen

Coastal vibe is always consist of blue color, right? Just take a look at this blue kitchen. It is also has glossy tiles with bright yellow natural accents. Have you feel the vibe?

3. Dash of Lime

Dash of Lime

Combine your dark blue color in your space with lime green. For a more tropical look, try to include some bright green, turquoise and yellows.

4. Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic

This home was inspired by French Provincial cottages and boasts eclectically leaning beams and charming bric-a-brac around every corner.

5. Happy Vibes Dining Room

Happy Vibes Dining Room

Instead of blue, you can add lots of fun color to your space to get a warm beach vibe just like the dining room in the picture below.

6.  Bright and Cheerful

Bright and Cheerful

Play along with colorful color and pattern to your space. For example, you can also add a geometric rugs just like in the picture above.

7. Teal Reflections

Teal Reflections

You still can get the coastal look even though you did not put any single of navy stripe or sail boat. This room shows us that only by using teal, soft lilac, and lots of white and silver, you still can get the coastal vibe to your space.

8. Seaside Living

Seaside Living

A beautiful living room with blue and white country style with rustic chandeliers and a driftwood coffee table make for chic beach living.

9. Minimalist Lines

Minimalist Lines

The open modular sofa lends this living room a contemporary feel. The coastal decor is also getting to play with all those textures; natural fiber rug, rope chairs and twig sculpture.

10. Sail Away

Sail Away

A simple and effortless way to get a coastal vibe is by using sailboat wallpaper just like this bathroom in this picture below.


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