Island Thatching Pergola Cover
Island Thatching Pergola Cover

The pergola has been experiencing a bit of modern renaissance these days. It is a stylish outdoor shelter with no walls. Pergola is also a breezy way to take some shade during sunnier seasons, especially summer. There are many variety of pergola that you can choose, depends on your tastes and lifestyle.

1. Tahitian Nightfall Freestanding Pergola

Tahitian Nightfall Freestanding Pergola

A pergola with a backdrop of white tieback drapes hung from decorative drapery rods on two sides of pergola. You can change the mood of the setting by changing the color of the lights, drapes, and tiebacks. This pergola design is sophisticated, airy and romantic.

2. Summer At The Hamptons Patio Pergola

Summer At The Hamptons Patio Pergola

This casual, summery look pergola is using locally-sourced materials for an eco-friendly touch. The dual pergola-porch area is paved with gray stones and the stone steps add an intriguing, warm color contrast.

3. Bali Blinds Slatted Pergola

Bali Blinds Slatted Pergola

The wood of the pergola matches the wood around the exterior of the house as well as the wood used for the seating and the tables.

4. Corner Cabin Style Pergola With Lantern

Corner Cabin Style Pergola With Lantern

This pergola provides a sheltered nook and the rustic look of it takes its style cues from the unfinished wood of summer vacation cabins.

5. Geometric Harmony Freestanding Cubic Pergola

Geometric Harmony Freestanding Cubic Pergola

The dark wood of this cube-shaped pergola area creates a shaded outdoor room. The two slatted walls of the pergola, one with a door-like entrance, define the space. The wicker furniture in charcoal gray adds a contrasting texture and color, while the white pillows and flooring introduce a bright note.

6. Pacific Picnic Wooden Pergola Setting

Pacific Picnic Wooden Pergola Setting

This pergola provide an expansive view. This detached pergola reflects the style of the porch-pergola. The natural look of the seating and flooring in the porch area also ties the spaces together.

7. Mediterranean Screen Style Pergola

Mediterranean Screen Style Pergola

The owner of this pergola is influenced by the Old World Mediterranean. This pergola is great idea to add the warm and romantic look of your space. The beautiful design of the screens provide the perfect backdrop and add pattern, texture, privacy and an interesting interplay of light and shadow without adding additional color.

8. Tropical Parlor Outdoor Pergola Set

Tropical Parlor Outdoor Pergola Set

This pergola suggest the dark wood entrance to a Victorian parlor. The blue and white tile flooring picks up the parlor idea and carries it into the outdoor living space, but the wicker furniture still continues the garden feel.

9. A Walk In The Woods Repurposed Wooden Pergola

A Walk In The Woods Repurposed Wooden Pergola

This pergola incorporates a living tree into its structure. The stone wall is built around the tree so that its trunk and one branch appear to break through the wall. A wood plank table, tree trunk stools, stoneware place settings and wildflowers provide a perfect accents.

10. Sunny Slide-wire Style Pergola

Sunny Slide-wire Style Pergola

This open pergola lets you enjoy the outdoor while the sun is beaming down from high overhead. You don’t need to extend the fabric panels out between the slats in the roof of the pergola when you feel the need to retreat into the shade.

11. Island Thatching Pergola Cover

Island Thatching Pergola Cover

The arched roof f the pergola is covered with thatch. Consider to add tropical plants such as potted palms, bird of paradise, orchids or plumeria so your space will looks like you are in Tahiti or Polynesia.

12. Polynesian Bliss Poolside Pergola

Polynesian Bliss Poolside Pergola

White fabric canopies draped along the roof and slatted sides protects the inhabitants from the sun. One table waits while another offers a romantic white lanterns for the night. A pole lamp bows, suggesting an attendant with a cooling fan to wave.


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