Flowery Kitchen
Flowery Kitchen

Let’s decorate the space to welcome spring. If you want to decorate your kitchen with a spring vibe, add bright color; vibrant furniture, accessories or tableware. If you are on a budget, a colorful textiles for your curtains, tablecloths, table runners or napkins won’t cost you a lot.

1. Open Shelving in Front of a Kitchen Window

Open Shelving in Front of a Kitchen Window

This open shelving is create more space to store your kitchen items, or, to get the spring feeling, you can put plants and flowers just like the picture above.

2. Kitchen Wall Decoration

Kitchen Wall Decoration

This herb vertical garden is an easy and great ways to decorate your blank space during spring. And plus, you will get a fresh herb supplies for your own.

3. Flowery Kitchen

Flowery Kitchen

Bring all the flower to your kitchen. Add a fresh or fake flowers and put them in your flowery vases to beautify your kitchen. You can also use the vase to store your cooking item such as ladle, spatula, and many more.

4. Colorful Curtain

Colorful Curtain

The most easiest way to add spring color to your kitchen is by adding a colorful window curtain.

5. Sunflower Theme

Sunflower Theme

Add a pop of color as your theme. The owner of this kitchen choose yellow to brighten up their simple kitchen to welcome the spring.

6. Pop of Green Color

Pop of Green Color

A white kitchen with a pop up green color is make your space fresh and comfortable.

7. Soft Color

Soft Color

Consider to match the window curtain and the tablecloth just like in the picture above. You can also combine it with some soft color of eating utensil and a fresh flower.

8. Show Off your Collection

Show Off your Collection

Display your plate collection that suitable with the spring theme in an open shelving wall.

9. Paint the Wall

Another inexpensive way to decorate your space immediately is by painting the wall. Try to paint the wall with spring color; fresh mint green.

10. Wallpaper


Or change the wallpaper that can blend well with overall theme of your spring kitchen decor.


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