DIY Mid-Century Modern Furniture 45
DIY Mid-Century Modern Furniture 45

Mid century style is a way of living your home with retro vibe. Many modern home nowadays are choose this style to get something fresh and inviting. The easiest way to get a mid century style to your space is by paint your walls white or at least solid, neutral ones. Lighting does not have to be so simple in mid century style, it needs to be an attention grabbing, unique, and even downright strange looking, so, invest in unique light fixtures.

Natural materials are favored choice of modern designers, use wood where possible; if real wood is out of question, consider purchasing pieces that mimic the look of carved wood. Leave your window uncovered; remove the drapes, blinds, and any other covering that might be blocking your windows. Combine neutral colors with bright ones and incorporate them into your overall design as accents; pillows, artwork, area rugs or else. Take a look at these 49 DIY mid-century modern furniture below to inspire you.


  1. Umm. None of this is DIY. This is a list of 49 pictures of very expensive vintage furniture with no text or commentary. Just a picture of a chair I could never build myself.


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